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Reanimating 'Pixar': How Pete Docter Steered the Studio Out of Scandal

  • Docter championed Domee Shi so she could create "Bao" with the funny ending. Shi will be directing "Turning Red" next year (barring another "Brave" incident, amiright?).

  • Agrees they had too many sequels in a row...despite now having a Buzz Lightyear origin story next year.

  • There are creative diversity teams, Docter is commitedto keeping them 50 percent female and diversified in terms of age, race and ethnicity.

  • Jessica Heidt had started tracking how many spoken roles went to male characters versus females, presenting the data to filmmakers after their brain trust screenings for Cars 3.

  • Don't forget Lasseter was ousted for (allegedly) inappropriate conduct like a week before "Coco" in 2017.

  • Enlisted the help of writer Kemp Powers (who wrote the play and the Amazon movie "One Night in Miami") for help with "Soul".

  • Yep, they mention the body-swapping for black animated characters."The hope is that even though Joe's not in his body, we see his body," Docter says, (🙄)

  • Executive Producer Kiri Hart about "OH look, a white man directed this movie?": "I would like to see there be an equal amount of opportunity for a person of color to make a movie like this, and I'm cautiously optimistic that we are on that road." despite other studios already doing that. Disney is always last for anything progressive.


tbh I still could not care less about Pixar these days but yay for Domee Shi!

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