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Celebrities React to Congress Officially Calling for 25th Amendment

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Incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

⚠️ Latest updates ⚠️

📝 In addition to Schumer, 100 House Democrats have also submitted official remarks to proceed with 25th Amendment. Some elected Republicans have also come forward.

📝 In lieu of 25th Amendment, Congress is being asked to reconvene for emergency impeachment proceedings

📝 There was almost a scrum on the Chamber floor in the wee hours last night, because Conor Lamb called a Republican a lying liar who lies his lies

📝 Biden-Harris EC votes were officially certified at 3:45AM. 13 days to go.

📝 Rep Cori Bush wants to officially expel the Sedition gang who incited this domestic terror attack, which includes but isn’t limited to Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Hawley in particular is photographed giving a fist salute as he passed the insurrectionists going into the Capital, then proceeded to fund raise via email while the Capital was under siege.

📝 4 people died including the woman who was shot while trying to breach the Speaker Lobby. Full video on YT if you want to search on your own. Official details on the deaths of the other 3 haven’t been released.

📝 Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said more arrests will be made today (52 arrests already, and counting)

📝 TRE45ON has been banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely, but at least until after the inauguration. TRE45ON online merchandise store was also removed from Shopify. TRE45ON is still under suspension with Twitter and Snapchat. But he has access to the nuke codes.

GET OUT You Get Nothing

Another cut to save your browser [Spoiler (click to open)]

For Your Crazy Uncle

When your crazy Uncle wants to claim secret undercover Anteeefa were responsible for the faux attempted coup, here is irrefutable proof otherwise

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Posts from This Сommunity “celebrity reactions” Tag