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Whole Foods CEO To America: You Don’t Need Healthcare, Just Eat Better

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is trending on Twitter and being dragged over his comments about healthcare in America. In an interview on Freakonomics Radio, Mackey told host Stephen Dubner that Americans don’t need healthcare, they just need to eat better, CNBC reported.

“I mean, honestly, we talk about health care. The best solution is not to need health care,” said the rich and out of touch pendejo. “The best solution is to change the way people eat, the way they live, the lifestyle, and diet...There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be healthy and have a longer health span. A bunch of drugs is not going to solve the problem.”

Mackey is reportedly worth $75 million dollars.

ONTD, do you shop at Whole Paycheck Foods?

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Tags: eat the rich, food / food industry, interview, men are weak, pr training needed, radio shows / radio celebrity, viral

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