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The View: Happy New Year Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

⚠️ Me-Again Has Returned Beware ⚠️

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Me-Again Is Back

Yes she still interrupts and over-talks and returns everything to AboutHer™

Me-again MyBaby™ MyDad™ blah blah shows a few photos she had sold to People Magazine. Never cared about maternity leave but SHE HAS HAD A BABY so now she wants mandatory maternity leave. Basically she doesn’t care about anyone or anything until it personally affects her. She seems to forget the FMLA of 1990s but expands on what should be available to women ThatSheHas™ and Sara also points out paternity leave as well.

Hot Topic Donald Dum Dum Crime-ing Again

Holy shit. That 1hr 6min conference call that dropped yesterday with T45, Chief of Staff Meadows, and the Georgia crew for state election was all sorts of federal and state level crimes, including election tampering. T45 wants 11,780 votes (which, lol, is not the actual number he would need to ‘win’ and change the election). If you haven’t listened to the full tape, at least read the full transcript. But if you can stomach listening to it, he is so crazy pants.

GA has had three recounts including a hand count and a signature validation. You lost, you loser. Just a bunch of racists wanting to disenfranchise non-white voters. Ignores that GA and a lot of other states had split tickets where GOP voted straight party for down-ballot but hate T45 so much that they voted for Biden. Me-again wants to blow it off but Sunny reminds that he called GA 18x and wants his staff deputized so they can get to supposed private voter data. My head has already exploded at Me-again crybaby whining about the 74M who voted for that cretin while ignoring the 81M who DID NOT VOTE for him. Whoopi has to interrupt her and it’s only Day One back for her. Shut up Me-again. I quit listening because she’s insufferable.

Hot Topic ¿Cómo se dice Fake Identity?

Sunny goes in. Any success Hilaria’s had was stolen. It’s fine to appreciate a culture but not ok to appropriate a culture. Sara knows her a little bit personally and she didn’t know a lot of Hilaria’s narrative and agrees with Sunny about appropriation. But she doesn’t like the vile comments and mob-beat down, eg response not equal to crime. Sara knows her as the mom blog and yoga instructor so feels like it’s so layered. Joy thinks people should be more outraged about T45 trying to steal an election and remembers Madonna from Michigan faking a British accent. Me-again thinks it’s terrible and awful and links it to George Floyd and wants to talk about her own white privilege. Me-again speed talks her way to saying Hilaria should apologize to the Spanish culture for misleading her audience.

Hot Topics 2021 Resolutions

Whoopi wants people to watch The Prodigal Son which airs on Fox and streams later on Hulu. Joy doesn’t make resolutions and in isolation she’s perfectly happy to do very little. Sara’s goal is to meditate every single day in 2021. Meghan wanted to get back to work and brought a breast pump and her pajamas to work. Sunny didn’t make any resolutions this year. Whoopi wonders if Joy discovered the g-spot which gets the panel giggling, and Joy said she sent out a search party and tells jokes about old ladies on YouTube.

Ontd how are your new resolutions going?

Me-again All the Time Always

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