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Tanya Roberts still alive, rep says day after reporting death

Actress Tanya Roberts is still alive, her representative said Monday, saying the information that she had died Sunday was not correct.

Roberts, 65, has been hospitalized since Dec. 24 after collapsing while walking her dogs, according to her publicist, Mike Pingel.
On Sunday, he passed word that he received through her distraught boyfriend, who had visited her in the hospital, that she had passed.

However, Pingel now says that information was not correct and that Roberts remains hospitalized. It was not immediately clear how the mistake occurred.

After widespread reports that actress Tanya Roberts had died, her long-time boyfriend Lance O’Brien got quite a shock from the hospital during an interview with Inside Edition — she was actually still alive.
“Now, you are telling me she’s alive?” O’Brien said before breaking down in tears.

O’Brien said that Roberts did not have COVID-19 but due to hospital protocols, he was not allowed to be at her bedside. “When she saw me and I was there, I saw her eyes open up. I felt good. I said, ‘Hey, her eyes are opening. Her eyes are opening.’ They told me that's just a reflex,” O’Brien said.
He added that the hospital staff told him she “had no hope to live.”

Update from TMZ:
4:25 PM PT -- We just spoke with Lance. He tells us he went to the hospital Sunday after getting a call from doctors.
He went to the hospital, and as he sat in her room she opened her eyes and tried to grab on to him, but her eyes closed and she "faded."
He said he was devastated and walked out of the room and then the hospital and never spoke with medical staff.
Tanya's rep did tell us, he picked Lance up from the hospital who told him, "She died in my arms."

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