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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Playas! The Best of ONTD 2020 Results Have Arrived!

Realized I forgot to hide the votes - so you had the answer sheet already. Well, whoops.

Anyway here and the winners and well some of these winners are top shelf losers

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Post of the Year
Not Lily Collins and Dominic West Philandering in Italy

Female Celeb of the Year

Dolly Parton. She's working 9 to 5 to fund the Vanderbilt vaccine.

Male Celeb of the Year


Chadwick Boseman

Scandal of the Year

image credit to elderpricely

Best Scandal Name

Come on, this streak. Who said "cheaters never win"?

Meme/Gif of the Year
Gossip Girl Meme.jpg

Word/Phrase of the Year
OK Rodrigo, we're ready.

Comment of the Year
thespockingdead's roast of Rose Leslie. Synonyms and that thesaurus locked down.
Also, Rose, girl. He cheats on you all the time. This isn’t new. Not going to let anyone steal her man?? Sis. He’s been willingly stolen, shoplifted, thieved, heisted, disappeared, lifted, boosted, hamburglered, pirated, pinched, looted, ransacked, sticky-fingered, pickpocketed, jacked, five-finger discounted, klepto’d, dine and dashed, bootlegged, and swiped. He sucks, Rose.

Thread of the Year
This vote was a close one.
Someone's coworker going to build they own rocket soon, ain't they?

ONTD Wank of the Year
We know these celebrities get ignant, but what had y'all acting a fool?

Shitty ass landlords. If you wanna be one, run up in these comments and get absolutely done up!

ONTD Member of the Year
ibby for her support during the election posts

ONTD Original of the Year
The Origin of "Bin Bons" (an ONTD Original)

ONTD Original Post Series of the Year
Whose Pulitzer worthy work kept us on our toes?
frejasface's Notorious Celebrities interviews. Check out the most recent one on Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain here.

Most Surprising Break-up

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.
White Michelle Williams is happy she slid that separation in late 2019.

Least Surprising Break-up
What conscious uncoupling had us going, 'I mean, well, like yeah, of course you did.'
Demi Lovato and some person

Celeb We Got Sick of in 2020
I mean, no surprise here. All of them!

Breakout Celeb of the Year


Megan Thee Stallion

Best Celeb Social Media

Dionne Warwick. I say a little prayer for yooooooooooooooou because your vocals throooooooough

Worst Celeb Social Media
Who kept telling us about how bad they felt while jet setting all over the world in a pandemic?
The transphobic woman who wrote Harry Potter and supports the wife beater who starred in Edward Scissorhands.

Best Celebrity Pet

Dodger Evans. 🐶

Most WTF Celeb Baby Name of the Year
X Æ A-Xii (aka Baby Tesla, aka the issue of Grimes and Elon Musty)

Is this pronounceable, poignant, or was the blunt just that bomb?

Most Vile Celeb
Who had us going, "I hope everything bad in the world happens to you."
The man that was in Sweeney Todd and Pirates of the Caribbean. Wife beater. Currently in loads of debt. Needs to do a "no buy in 2021". Probably deadbeat dad. Doesn't know how to invest in wine. Absolute simpleton. An abusive fucking fool.

Messiest/Most Problematic Celeb
Who had some of us saying "Imma stan, but right now, let me be quiet and hide."


Aspiring Wig Defecator Lea Michele

Best Movie of the Year


Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Worst Movie of the Year
Are you lost, baby girl?

Best TV Show of the Year
Popular vote:
Objective winner: I May Destroy You.


Worst Show of the Year

Emily in Paris 🧑🏻‍🎨🇫🇷🥖🥐

Best TV Revival of the Year


The Babysitter's Club

Worst TV Revival of the Year
All of them. It was legit the only nomination that made the cut.

I see y'all picking the other options which wasn't options. How you going to just pick the other options that are options but not options on my options?1?!?!?

Best Song of the Year

Worst Song of the Year
Gal Gadot and others covering "Imagine" written by fourth best Beatle racist, abusive John Lennon.

Best Album of the Year

Dua Lipa (the artist formerly known as Dula Peep)'s Future Nostalgia

Worst Album of the Year
Mr. Hailey Baldwin's album

Athlete/Athletic Team of the Year

Naomi Osaka

Video Game of the Year

Mobile Game of the Year

Celeb Who Disappointed Us
So many of these mofos, but who is the ultimate winner?

Miss Rona putting in her two weeks notice with 45

Worst Celeb Apology
The little sociopath who used to be on Even Stevens.

Celeb We Will Miss the Most


Chadwick Boseman


Alex Trebek
'Til the day we meet again, In my heart is where I'll keep you friend

Ultimate Celeb Comeback
Who made their way back into the mainstream or back into ONTD's hearts this year?

Lorde moonlighting as a food critic.

Ultimate Celeb Downfall

Ellen Degeneres bitching about being bored in her mansion and finally responding to allegations of a very toxic workplace.

NEW CATEGORIES! (beta-testing)

Reality TV Show of the Year

Best Podcast of the Year

You're Wrong About. (Listen to the series on Princess Diana and the one covering OJ Simpson, and the 'Ebonics' episode. Skip the Tonya Harding ones.)

Biggest Jackass Covidiot
Former host of The Apprentice.

Hobbies of the Year
A productive day of baking banana bread, piecing together that 1000 part puzzle, overworking them lacrimal glands, and flicking the bean or jerkin the gherkin. Look at all those euphemisms.

Best Book of the Year
The Meaning of Mariah Carey by the Elusive Chanteuse herself and Michaela Angela Davis

Worst Book of the Year
Liberal Privilege (Joe Biden and the Democrat's Defense for the Indefensible) by Donald Trump Jr. What ghostwriter needs to get mollywhopped for this book?

Alright, it's been real.
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