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ONTD original-10 songs turning 10 in 2021

Released in Feb 2011, Born This Way went to #1 and garnered comparisons to “Express Yourself” by Madonna and “Waterfalls” by TLC.

For each song I will include a random memory/fact from the song, comment with your own!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Superbass was a bonus track on the album Pink Friday which was released in 2010, but the song had such good reception that it was released as a single in 2011, which is difficult to get, not all bonus tracks have that. White girls and gays everywhere thought it was impressive to film themselves singing/rapping this song.

We Found Love by Rihanna was released back in the glory days when she would drop a massive new single every Sept. OP thinks We Found Love still sounds fresh a decade later.

On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull was released in February 2011. OP recalls being bemused by the songs massive popularity since J Lo hadn’t had a hit in a minute, a user on ONTD pointed out her judging position on American Idol helped put her back on the scene.

We Are Young by Fun was released in Sept 2011 and OP recalls seeing the song used prominently on Glee and being like the fuck is this? I had never heard the song until it was on glee.

Price Tag was released in January 2011 and while Jessie J went on to release a cute little pop song called Domino, OP recalls price tag as being one of the worst songs of all time. I remember something noteworthy about her and snl so I googled it and apparently it was her first US performance so it was impressive to debut on SNL. Former bi-sexual queen.

Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez & The Scene was released in June 2011 and remains a certified pop bop. OP remembers some gentle controversy where pop star Pink called out Selena for having a horse dyed Pink in the music video. Selena and her team ended up cutting the horse from the video.

You couldn’t go to a club in 2012 without hearing Levels which was released by Avicii in late 2011. The song featured vocals from the great Etta James.

Blow by Kesha was released in 2011 and has a delightfully weird music video featuring the thick bottomed James Van Der Beek.

Hold it against me by Britney Spears was released in January 2011, a great way to kick off the new year. OP thinks the album Femme Fatale is underrated.

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What songs speak to you from 2011, ONTD? For me some of these songs I’m like I can’t believe that was ten years ago, whereas others deff feel a decade old.
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