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Bean Dad: Musician John Roderick lets his daughter struggle to open a can of beans for 6 hours

Have you seen Bean Dad trending on Twitter today?

John Roderick is a musician (The Long Winters, Harvey Danger), and podcaster (Roderick On The Line, Road Work, Omnibus, and Friendly Fire). He's also the father to a nine-year-old daughter, and yesterday on Twitter, he decided to share what I'm assuming he thought was a hilarious anecdote about what an amazing father he is.

His daughter was hungry, so he told her to make a can of baked beans. She did not know how to open the can, and he realized that he'd never shown her how to use a can opener. Fair enough! They can be fiddly buggers. But instead of telling her how they work, or showing her how they work, he gave her this "Apocalypse Dad" speech:

So his daughter sat, and struggled. He kept working on his jigsaw puzzle, of course. After he continued to refuse to help her, she said fuck baked beans, and gave up. He told her unless she opened the can, nobody was eating anything today. Oddly enough, my parents also tried to pull this with me once. I hated baked beans, and refused to eat them. My parents told me I couldn't leave the kitchen table until I ate them. I sat there for three hours before they gave in, and to this day, I don't like them (the beans and my parents).

Fearing she would never eat again, or more likely just trying to get her father to stop bothering her, she goes back to work on the can. So how long did this go on for? How long would you sit and talk about can openers with your obviously frustrated child? At one point do you just say, clearly they don't get it, I should help, so that next time, she knows?

Did he ever actually help her? No. Is he proud of himself? Of course.

Does he think that he's right and you're all wrong? You betcha.

dennis the menace

UPDATE: "Bean Dad" is actually too nice of a name for a guy who describes himself as a "student of H*tler" and casually uses the N-word and many other slurs as seen in the screenshots here.

UPDATE AGAIN: He deleted his Twitter and MBMBaM have announced that they're no longer using the theme song he wrote for them.

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