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Cobra Kai creators answer Season 3 questions

- They felt it was time for Johnny and Daniel to finally enter "this portion of their relationship" (aka team-up).

- Talk about waiting until Season 3 to bring back Elisabeth Shue's Ali and what would be an impactful way. "[She can] help these guys look in the mirror and recognize that perhaps they're not so different after all."

- Kreese's backstory is the continuation of the central theme of Cobra Kai: "looking at these black-and-white characters and trying to find the gray"

- "Eagle Fang" is badass.

- They used Billy Zabka's actual shirtless beefcake photos from the 80s he had on hand

- On Aisha'a absense:"No one's ever written out of our show. Nobody ever leaves the show for good in our minds, and there always is a strategy and a reason story-wise for why they come in and out". They mention bringing back characters from Season 1 who were absent in Season 2 (so hopefully it means they'll find a place for her in Season 4).

- They confirm that the guy Kreese is calling at the end of the season is Terry Silver (from The Karate Kid Part III), but can't say whether the character will return in Season 4. "We can't really speak to how Terry Silver would respond to that call". They had a lot of fun doing a bait-and-switch in the flashbacks by introducing a character with the ponytail who looks like him only to kill the guy off and reveal that the other guy is the real Terry Silver. (If you don't know who Terry Silver is you're really missing out).

- Tease that Season 4 has a strong journey for Robby.

source, source

Just another excuse to discuss the show

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