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Stars discuss their worst onscreen kisses

Who would have guessed that sexy onscreen kisses weren't actually all that?

Kate Hudson has had to kiss Matthew McConaughey in two movies, and says there was always wind, or snot all over his face, or filming in cold ocean water to ruin it for them.

Goopy Gwyneth says kissing Robert Downey Jr. was like kissing a brother.

Ashley Tisdale says kissing Zac Efron was also like kissing a brother. He wanted to use tongue (um how is this brotherly?), and she was outraged he would attempt such a thing on a Disney Channel show.

Jennifer Lawrence would purposely eat garlic or tuna before having to kiss Liam Hemsworth.

Selena Gomez had her eyes closed "too early" and missed half of Dylan Sprouse's lips.

Tobey McGuire had rain going up his nose during the famous Spiderman kiss. When Kirsten Dunst lifted his mask, she cut off all his air and he couldn't breathe.

Hugh Grant says Julia Roberts "had a very big mouth." (Cue that Julia Roberts/Clive Owen laughing gif from late 2000s ONTD)

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ONTD, tell me about your kissing experiences.
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