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The Expanse 5X05 discussion (twitter roundup)

In lieu of a promo, here's a twitter roundup for the show, to serve as an episode discussion post.

It's not much, but Amazon has some merchandise for the show

They've also updated the official playlist to include some of the new tracks from this season

More behind the cut

Nadine Nicole (Clarissa) posted some bts stuff from 5X05

And io9 interviewed Keon Alexander and Dominique Tipper about Marco and Naomi and their relationship

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Dominique says that at the core of Marco and Naomi's toxicity is a deep and passionate (and probably toxic as well) young love. They were very in love and it was raw and messy and makes their scenes very tense. It's transferred over into their disdain of each other.

* Marco feels completely seen by Naomi and therefore is vulnerable, she breaks through all of the control that he's able to exert as a true leader just by virtue of being who she is. He's not used to that loss of control, loss of the charade that he's put on for everyone else.

* Keon doesn't consider Marco a villain. Marco is a hero in his own mind and he has strong principles, some heroic. If you can see the child within the adult you can see what lead to where they are, Keon's connection to him is through empathy and seeing the psychological and emotional layers to him.

* From Naomi's pov she has a radicalized son, she seems him look like her but be like his father and it leads her to fight for this idea that there's some of her in him, that Filip is not all Marco.

* Marco has invested a lot in Filip as a single father, he's dedicated to his vision and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. He wants to secure a particular kind of future for his son and the next generation of Belters, so they don't grow up like he has, don't suffer the way Belters have been suffering. A lot of that rides on Filip and the stakes are very high, he's been groomed from childhood to be Marco 2.0 and carry the torch one day. To have Naomi all of a sudden come and challenge the connection between him and his son and the amount of control he has over his son, is very triggering.

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Congrats on surviving 2020, ONTD. May 2021 be a better year.

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