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Fiona Apple BTS: recording "The Whole Of The Moon"

A captivating behind-the-scenes look at Fiona recording "The Whole Of The Moon":

Via Zelda Hallman, Fiona's friend and housemate:
"Fiona Apple covered The Waterboys’ The Whole of the Moon for the series finale of Showtime’s The Affair. She asked Tony Berg to produce the record. Tony called in Matt Chamberlain, Ethan Gruska, Wendy Melvoin, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Fiona has worked often with Matt and Patrick and knew Ethan as the brother of her former bandmate, drummer, Barbara. This was the first time she had met Wendy and Phoebe and fell in love with both of them.

In a few hours they produced this beautiful rendition of a classic written by Mike Scott. After Mr. Scott (@ MikePuck) heard the performance he tweeted – “Prepare ye to receive goosebumps.”

Fiona practiced the first take in a small vocal closet but when it came time for the main event, Tony moved Fiona into the big room where she had a great expanse to sing into. I tagged along with my new camera which I could barely work because I had forgotten my glasses – couldn’t see the buttons, couldn’t focus. Despite the crappy camera work of a blind photographer, the magic that is Fiona shines through. I hope you enjoy this captivating version of a sublime song.

Drums – Matt Chamberlain
Chamberlin – Patrick Warren
Bass – Wendy Melvoin
Piano – Ethan Gruska
Background Vocals – Phoebe Bridgers

BTW, Fiona was named after a character in the musical, Brigadoon. And Tony Berg is the one who described Fiona as 'pissed off, funny, and warm'."

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