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Kpop Post: The BEST 30 Kpop songs of 2020

EDITED: List has been updated!
(According to the OP)
The new year is finally here, so its time for the annual 25 30 best Kpop songs of the year, here are the rules:
One title song per group (needs to have an official MV)
One song per group (Including sub-units, solo have more variety)
Sooo this means for example: if Kai was to be here, Exo or Super M could not be part of the list,BUT Super M could be here with NCT (even though they share Taeyong, because they are two different groups), with that said, sorry if anyone gets offended or butt hurt (Disclaimer I'm a girl group stan)
Here's the list from
With that said.. LET'S START!

30. VeriVery- Lay back
Boy group VeriVery kicked 2020 with their release "Lay back", the track has sleek choreography and smooth vocals.The MV is simple but it highlights the group's choreography nicely

29. woo!ahh! - Bad Girl
Rookie girl group woo!ahh! deliver one of the corkiest songs on this list. The electro beat mixes cheerleader-esque chants with a break that doesn't match the rest of the song but somehow it works pretty well. Also that MV? There's cats, a giant mouse, guns and a bunch of flashy!

More&MoreCollapse )

I spent a lot of time on this post guys,
and i know there's going to be some people that are going to be mad, so, I'm sorry.
You guys are free to post your favorite releases of 2020,
and I hope you guys have a fantastic new year :)
and that your faves don't disband (RIP Gugudan)

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