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Kpop Post: The BEST 30 Kpop songs of 2020

EDITED: List has been updated!
(According to the OP)
The new year is finally here, so its time for the annual 25 30 best Kpop songs of the year, here are the rules:
One title song per group (needs to have an official MV)
One song per group (Including sub-units, solo have more variety)
Sooo this means for example: if Kai was to be here, Exo or Super M could not be part of the list,BUT Super M could be here with NCT (even though they share Taeyong, because they are two different groups), with that said, sorry if anyone gets offended or butt hurt (Disclaimer I'm a girl group stan)
Here's the list from
With that said.. LET'S START!

30. VeriVery- Lay back
Boy group VeriVery kicked 2020 with their release "Lay back", the track has sleek choreography and smooth vocals.The MV is simple but it highlights the group's choreography nicely

29. woo!ahh! - Bad Girl
Rookie girl group woo!ahh! deliver one of the corkiest songs on this list. The electro beat mixes cheerleader-esque chants with a break that doesn't match the rest of the song but somehow it works pretty well. Also that MV? There's cats, a giant mouse, guns and a bunch of flashy!

28. Cherry Bullet - Hands Up
Ever heard Beethoven being sampled on a Kpop song? Well, the girls from Cherry Bullet use Beethoven's "Für Elise" for their fun track "Hands Up". Although the sample might be the only interesting song from the song, it works effectively in delivering a catchy track, let's just ignore the YOLO lyrics.

27.Monsta X- Love Killa
After losing member Wonho who SPOILER ALERT! is not on this list (Although he's in my heart).
The guys from Monsta X adopt a more serious persona in "Love Killa".OP always enjoys any group dancing in suits.

26.Lovelyz - Obliviate
After their appearance on Queendom, fans (me) had been waiting for Lovelyz to tap into a sexier concept, and they do that with Obliviate. Although the Obliviate sounds a bit off, the song is cool and mysterious, and that last chorus slaps! Not to mention they all look amazing in the MV (minus those awful tassel outfits)

25. Seventeen- Home;Run
Seventeen delivers a song that feels like their initial sounds but more matured, the MV and the choreography are fun and dynamic and overall the harmonies of the songs are great. Hopefully, they'll play more with sounds and a little less trying to recreate "Cupid Shuffle" (If you know what I mean)

24.Blackpink - How you like that
BP kept us fed this year, and we appreciate it, and although I am a blink, I gotta say that I wish they can separate from Teddy an experiment a little bit more with their sounds. Out of the 3 MVs that they gave us this year, although "How you like that" is not a big departure from their previous releases, its a little more infectious than "Ice Cream" (I could've put "Lovesick Girls" here, but I had to go with which one had more plays)

23.Sunmi- pporappippam
Sunmi has been consistent with her releases and staying true to her aesthetics and sound, and that's shows in this track. The chorus is bright and the dance is charming, very excited to see what she brings in 2021

After giving us "Oopsie My Bad" Nature returns with an edgier sound and look, with "Girls". The girls tapped into a more sinister concept for a bloody and horror-inspired MV (Honestly the first of its kind that I've seen on Kpop) The song is an interesting take for the cutesy group, and I loved the MV, them stage outfits though....wasn't a fan, or a fan of that one girl's hair.

21. Brave Girls - We Ride
In what might be their last comeback, veteran girl group Brave Girls delivered the magical city pop track "We Ride". The song is simple, cute, and perfect for a late-night hot summer drive. The live performances were charming and Yujeong's smile is too damn precious.

20.ChungHa - Stay Tonight
Chung Ha might as well establish herself as the kpop queen of the gays. "Stay Tonight" is a magical pop song, but the impressive thing about it is not only the sound and visuals but the choreography as well. Chung Ha vogues, rollS on top of her dancers, and does it all in high heels! a QUEEN!

19. IZ*ONE - Fiesta
Before their imminent disbandment this year, IZ*ONE actually pronounced (Eyes-one) not (I-zone) like I always thought, gave us "Fiesta" although "Panorama" was also a strong contender for this spot (nothing for that Swan song...their weakest release). "Fiesta" is bright, the MV is an eyegasm, and that part of the choreography when they are all in a line and drop the floor with one leg extended!?!?! *Chef's Kiss*

18. GWSN - Bazooka
After giving us such cool MVs it was a shame that GWSN had a very generic MV for one of their best tracks, "Bazooka" is a punch of energy and the "watch me" part will bet stuck in your head.

17. SF9 - Good Guy
There are times when songs get released at the beginning of the new year, and people suddenly forget about them on their "best songs" lists and judging by other sites, that was the case for SF9's "Good Guy", the song starts Like TWICE's "Feel Special" with a familiar beat, then delivers one of my favorite choruses this year. Another appearance by SF9 in my list after their excellent 2018 release "Now or Never"

16. Oh My Girl- Nonstop
I was one of the first ones to say that after I listened to this song right after it came out, said it sounded generic. Although I am not too fond of the heavy CGI MV I have to admit that after a few listens, "Nonstop" becomes a monster of a song. It is bright, fun, and carefree, the type of song that a lot of us needed right at the beginning of this pandemic nightmare. "Dolphin" another release from that mini album is equally as good and cheerful as "Nonstop" but I had to go with this one. Also if you haven't checked the problematic solo release from YooA, you might have to cause one of my favorite tracks of 2020 is there! (Tsk tsk its "Diver")

15. BTS- Dynamite
It was a big important year for the guys of BTS with a lot of releases, and awards. They had a few good ballads and numerous MVs but I had to go with Dynamite. The radio play that this song got was crazy, and you could hear it on TV, stores, and the radio. They scored a hit with this song and they highlighted the disco/retro sound that was so popular in 2020. A great song and kudos for releasing a title track entirely in English.

14.Irene & Seulgi - Naughty
2/5's of Red Velvet came out with one of RV most interesting concepts. Initially "Monster" was not very impressive (and after hearing the English demo version on Netflix's "Tiny Pretty Things", I was less impressed) I had to go with Naughty. Although the MV starts a little bit...budget, it turns into a sleek and sexy hand play, and that's one of the things that makes "Naughty" so great. The song is a banger, but what will the future hold for Red Velvet amidst those controversies? who knows!

13. APRIL - Lalalilala
Remember when all of you slept on "Oh! My Mistake" (One of the best Kpop songs ever made and #5 on my 2018 list), well the girls of APRIL came back with another excellent pop song. "Lalalilala" is a magical cosmos of music. The melody is galactic (the drop on the bridge??) and dreamy, and the vocals are fresh and clean. (I gotta say i also enjoyed "Now or Never" a lot). The girls sing about a mystical love while giving one of the best Kpop songs ever made (that's two for them already!). I know a lot of you might not agree, but... you really can't deny that this song is pop perfection, not to mention the visuals of my girl Naeun (Im convinced every Naeun in Kpop is breathtaking). Hopefully, this track gets the girl more recognition and y'all stop sleeping on talent, beauty, and quality music.

12.TXT- Blue Hour
BTS's little brothers released prob two of my favorite kpop tracks this year with "Blue hour" and "Can't you see me?". I've been following them since last year with "Run Away" (one of my fave kpop tracks)and I am very impressed by their talent and I am excited to see what else they can bring. *sings* "Yooouuuu you're the one that I want, youuuuu, everything that I want"

11. LOONA- Star
Internet's favorite girl group LOONA made the official release of "Why Not?" as the title track from their album "12:00" but it was the English track "Star" that shines in this list. It is refreshing to see non-cringe lyrics, and a fun dynamic track. The track scored them radio air time in the US, and that's also pretty impressive.

10.NCT 127 - Kick It
NCT had a busy year, but "Kick It" was the song of the year for me, not going to lie, I have a hard time keeping with all the units and subunits but I do know that Taeyong is overworked (THAT HIP PROBLEM!!). Not too fond of the lyrics, but "Kick it" punches your ears with a cool beat, and the track has nice harmonies (Still my favorite NCT 127 song is "Limitless") but I do enjoy "Kick it" a lot!!

9. ITZY-Wannabe
Being very honest, this is one of those special moments when the choreography surpasses everything else and makes the song work. The song is a well-produced Kpop song, but the pairing of the choreography and the song? Magic! Ryujin's iconic shoulder dance its gonna be one for the books

8.Stray Kids- Back Door
A lot of people might be more fond of "God's Menu" but that's a little too noisey for my taste, but "Back Door" is a bop! The track is fun, the choreo is innovative and probably one of the best choreos of 2020 and OP is now a Hyunjin stan, what a beautiful man.

7.Yukika- Soul Lady
Although my girl Yukika is Japanese, she delivered one of the most solid albums of 2020 with "Soul Lady". The city pop-inspired track is one of 2020's best and I am shocked it was missing from so many lists. The song is dreamy, sweet, and had the power to turn a few of my friends into Kpop stans.

6.Everglow- La Di Da
After a lot of fans complained that Everglow was pretty much the Mia show, the rest of the girls take charge in track "La Di Da" and oh boy does it pay off. The "Sin City" MV pairs perfectly with the 80s sound and the glittery dance. The song is fast, in your face and the choreography is amazing, truly one of the best songs of 2020.

5.Weki Meki- Cool
Y'all have been sleeping on Weki Meki for far too long! The girls not only have the visuals, the energy, the charisma and the chops, but their music is also really good. They have outstanding B-sides (Listen to "Metronome","Iron Boy","Fantastic")but they also deliver amazing title tracks.I was going to put "Dazzle Dazzle" in this spot because that song holds a dear spot in my heart and helped me a lot in the beginning of the pandemic, but the sound is a bit more Kpop generic, so I'm putting "Cool" instead. The song is...well, cool. The outfits are modern, the dance shows the girls' charms and everyone looks amazing. It is very refreshing to see a girl group do a girl crush concept in a more innovative way. Also, more girls in Kpop need Lua's haircut, its amazing.

4.Gfriend- Mago
I was going to put "Apple" here, cause it hits me right in my Girls Aloud feelings, but "MAGO" became such a repeat for me, that's why it's on this spot. The girls are finally free from their cutesy image and they're experimenting with a more mature sound and look. The track is one of the best disco inspired songs of the year. The shiny MV elevates the song, and Yuju pole dancing,the stage outfits, everything was perfect!(Although i would take out the Hakuna Matata part, cause it always takes me out of the song)

3. Apink- Dumhdurum
Veteran's Apink keep demonstrating that they are a force and here they are another year in the top 3 of my list. "Dumhdurum" showcases their strength as performers and trendsetters (Remember part of the choreography went viral on Tiktok...although they didn't want to give them credit for it). The MV is a Gucci dream and it definitely refreshing to see my girls slaying the charts and giving these newer groups a run for their money. Hopefully, they continue their streak with top tier pop music.

2. Taemin - Criminal
Remember that rule i mentioned earlier? Well this is why there's no SuperM on this list, cause King Taemin keeps showing us that he is the best male performer that Kpop has to offer. He has the moves, he has the charisma, the talent and the bops. "Criminal" is a seductive,dark melody that hypnotizes you trough the ears and trough the eyes. The song is a bit 90s, its a bit modern, its a bit dangerous and it's sooooooo good. Very happy to hear about SHINee's comeback next year, and super thankful of all the releases Taemin gave us in 2020.

and now for #1 *Drum roll*

This year brings us another tie (and i can already tell it's going to be controversial)

1.STAYC- So Bad
STAN STAYC! you might've seen that comment in various posts (Kpop or non Kpop related).
OP was impressed by the glossiness of the visuals, the beauty of the girls and the track. The whispered, "Stayc", J's deep voice, the "nae nae nae nae meori meori", the mini-album that comes with it's own scent card! a truly impressive debut.
I had to rethink the #1 spots and I had to remove April from here and give the place to STAYC. Based on how much I stanned them and promoted them on this site, and having a bunch of my friends staining them now (after they didn't even listen to Kpop) I think it speaks for how much I love this song. This group had one of the best debuts in the last years, with a very solid identity and what seems to be a good company behind them that have been able to promote them non-stop.
STAYC (Star to a young culture) are IMO the future of kpop, out of the newer generation groups. The mini album has braille,scent card and that's the first time I've seen that on Kpop, so I am excited for their future which sure looks very bright.

1. TWICE- I can't stop me
Can these girls be stopped? No, I was not a fan of "More & More" but they definitely redeemed themselves with my favorite song of 2020. "I can't stop me" might not be their best title track ("Feel Special" is) but it is a gem of a song. Not only is the song excellent, but the full album has amazing tracks that could've been easily title tracks as well. "Queen","Up no More","Hell in Heaven","Handle it"....the best Kpop album of 2020 hands down. The visuals of this era were amazing, the stages with b-side "Up no more" and the surprise release of "Cry for me". ONCE's were fed this year, and although it is sad that Jeongyeon wasn't able to join them for one of their best comebacks, I am very delighted to see their growth as performers and the evolution of their music. I hope 2021 brings more amazing tracks from TWICE.

I spent a lot of time on this post guys,
and i know there's going to be some people that are going to be mad, so, I'm sorry.
You guys are free to post your favorite releases of 2020,
and I hope you guys have a fantastic new year :)
and that your faves don't disband (RIP Gugudan)

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