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Patty Jenkins brushes aside the criticism of Wonder Woman 1984's body snatch storyline

In case you are not caught up or haven't watch Wonder Woman 1984 yet, [spoilers]in the movie Diana's first love Steve Trevor, who died some 70 years ago, returns in the body of some other guy (played by Kristoffer Polaha) when Diana wishes for him to return on the "Dreamstone", a wish granting gem. The film acknowledges that Steve has only returned in spirit and this is the other guys body, but for the rest of the movie we see Steve's face not Kristoffer Polaha, because that's how Diana sees him. We get no explanation why this random guy was picked for Steve's spirit to inhabit nor do we find out his name (he is referred to as "Handsome Man" in thje credits), but we are shown that "Handsome Man" was still alive and had a life of his own. A little later in the movie Diana has sex with "Steve" while it's still the Handsome Man's body (which many people online have called rape).

In the 3rd act of the movie, Diana renounces her wish and Steve disappears. In the final scene of the movie, Handsome Man returns and Diana flirts with him.

On Twitter, some random with 170 followers tried to defend what was basically Diana raping "Handsome Man" by saying Patty Jenkins was (1) "playing with the trope" in some 80s movies that basically treated what was rape as a joke. And (2) when Diana renounced her wish and made Steve disappear, Handsome Man got unfucked.

Patty Jenkins quote tweeted (see below) this random guy and replied with "Hahaha. Exactly".

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