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ONTD Original: When the radio edit is better


Whenever an artist/band puts out a single, changes may be made for the versions that will be played on the radio or used in its music video.
Sometime’s, it’s as simple as shortening a lengthy song to get more plays.

Others will be an entirely new mix of the track, switching out drum samples or adding more instrumentation.

For tracks with foul language or blatant innuendo, words may be muted out or replaced with sound effects.
And if it’s TOO many words that would need to be muted, the artist may re-record the song entirely with altered lyrics to make it more accessible.

In any case, people may often fall in love with a song the way they first heard it on the radio or TV, and be completely put off by the original version because of how different it sounds.

Tonight, I’ll be running through some of my fav radio edits.


Mystikal featuring Pharrell - Shake It Fast/Shake Ya Ass
There were actually 3 mixes of this track made. The album version, the clean version, and the CLEANER version.
Most people were prolly first familiar the latter, called SHAKE IT FAST. It was an entirely different vocal take for the verses and chorus. The CLEAN version used those re-recorded verses, but kept the chorus from the album version (Shake Ya Ass).
I always preferred the vocal take on the radio edit because he sounds more clearer and enunciates better. When I finally bought the album, I felt the performance on the dirty version were sloppy.

CLEANER *I came in here with the mic in my hand*

DIRTY *I came in here with my diQ in my hand!*

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Drakes first single was everywhere. I had gotten so accustomed to the chorus when I heard it on the radio, that was so put off when I finally heard the album version. I’m not prude with cursing, but it seemed really unnecessary and ruined it.
Went from “You da, you da best,” to “You da fuckin’ best”. Also, most of the cursing in the verses did a 'record-slowing-down' effect on the words. Sounds cooler than just muting it out.



Sugababes - Shape
The third single from their flawless “Angels With Dirty Faces” LP was a semi-cover, semi-sample of the String track “Shape of my Heart”, that was actually reworked/rewritten by Sting himself and given to them.
The changes from the album version to the radio/video edit weren’t drastic, but change the tone a lot.
Basically, they just changed the drum track. Used different samples of the snare and kick, and the arrangement is a little different.
I prefer the radio edit, but I don’t hate the original.

Single Version

Album version

Robyn - Dancing On My Own
Like the Sugababes track, this edit wasn’t as extreme, but VERY noticable and changes the vibe to the song a lot.
The original album version (available on the Body Talk volume 1 EP) was an uptempo ballad of sorts, with that awesomely abrasive synth line throughout the song.
For the video/radio version (which was the version put on the Body Talk LP that combined tracks from the 3 Body Talk EPs), THAT synth is turned wayyy down in the mix, and essentially is replaced with what I can only describe as “forced happy synth noise”. It’s not BAD, but I guess the powers that be felt the song could sound a little fuller.

OP Note: All of y'all are jogging my memory of more songs. Wish I had made this a best and worst of radio edits instead! With that said, I definitely prefer the original version of DANCING ON MY OWN.

Single version

Original mix

Blackstreet featuring Janet Jackson, Ja Rule, and Eve - Girlfriend/Boyfriend
The lead single from their FINALLY album featured Teddy and Riley and Janet trading lines back and forth, while Ja Rule and Eve provided guest raps.
The radio edit covers up Eve and Ja’s cursing with sound effects, and I kinda prefer it. It was a much more creative way than muting the few words. (Also, holy hell, the music video is incredibly dated, serving Playstation 1 era graphics. My memory had this vid looking better than it actually was!)
Eve/Ja rap starts at 2.15 mark

DMX - Pretty much any radio edit of a DMX song, but we’ll settle on ”Slippin”

I love that the radio edits of DMX tracks have him doing his trademark adlibs over the curse words (UH! What! COME ON! GGRRRRRRR! *bark bark*).
You know you’re stuff goes hard when the radio edit is more lit than the album version! And “Slippin” was a rap-ballad!

Honerable Mentions:

Prince - Sexy MF

Similar for my reasons for the Drake song, I prefer the clean version of this diddy. For the chorus, an adlib of Prince doing his trademark “OWAA” sound replaces “fucker”, and it just makes the song that much better!
I can’t for the life of me find the clean version online to share here, but you get the idea.

Eminem - Most of his early lead singles

I don’t know if it's necessarily better, but Eminems singles from back in the day (My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, Without Me, etc) were always drastically different. He re-recorded the songs verses, as it would just be an instrumental with all the muting going on. Twas funny going from what we saw in the video to hearing the album version.

CeeLo Green - F*ck You
The song had several variations. Him singing “Eff you” wasn’t clean enough for some stations, so there was “____ you” and “Forget you” versions floating around as well. There was even a muppets version, “Cluck You”!


ONTD, what are some of your fav radio/video edits?

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