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Ooh It's Kinda Crazy: The Complicated History of Canadian Boy Bands

The CBC does a deep dive into the history of Canadian boybands and the struggles to replicate the popularity of their international counterparts. While they may have found success in Canada, there was also a challenge to breakout outside of the country, as well as a struggle for many of the bands in being identified as a "boy band" (save for B4-4, "whose members were transparent about wanting to perform hits, no matter who wrote or performed them").

The article is a neat read, touching on marketability of being called a "boy band," the “run-of-the-mill misogyny” from having a teenaged girl fanbase that caused a disconnect between commercial success and critical acclaim, and several Then and Now featurettes of Canadian boy bands, with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Where are they now?
[The Moffatts]A band of brothers, The Moffatts were known for songs like "Girl of My Dreams," "Bang Bang Boom," and "Misery," eldest brother Scott is now a producer in Nashville; two out of three triplets, Bob and Clint, now perform as Music Travel Love; and third triplet Dave teaches yoga in Indonesia.

[Sky]Best known for "Love Song" and "Some Kinda Wonderful," James Renald left Sky in very early 2000. Antoine Sicotte tried to keep the band going with two different lead singers, but is now a chef in Québec. James became a songwriter for other artists before taking his own life in 2018.
[Love Song]">

[B4-4] B4-4 was obviously best known for their ode to oral sex, "Get Down," twins Ryan and Dan formed the aptly-named duo RyanDan and performed with Shania Twain during her Vegas show, while Ohad Einbinder apparently now runs a prefab home building company.
[Get Down]

[McMaster and James]The "Thank You" duo blames file-sharing services like Napster for their short-lived success, losing their label and their team before disbanding McMaster and James in 2002. Luke McMaster now releases music as a solo artist as well as being a songwriter, while Rob James has worked in the music industry behind the scenes, doing things like artist development and working as a session singer after having competed on Canadian Idol in 2006.
[Thank You]">

[SoulDecision]"Faded" is still a jam, but since the last SoulDecision tour in 2005, David Bowman and Ken Lewko have apparently dropped out of the public eye, while lead singer Trevor Guthrie stayed in music, having a hit in 2014 with Armin van Buuren on "This if What it Feels Like," and, according to his Instagram page, is a "huge fan of veterans."

[3Deep]With one out of three members being Canadian, Canada will take a claim to them! (We were also the country where 3Deep found the most success, congratulations.) Eddie Cibrian is an actor who is also known for cheating on Brandi Glanville with now-wife LeAnn Rimes, while fellow soap actor Joshua Morrow has been quiet, and the group's only Canadian, CJ Huyer, got into music management with Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys.
[Never Gonna Give Up]

[Identically Different/ID]Identically Different had a moderate hit with "Busted." Joe Abbruscatto doesn't show up on a perfunctory Google search, Gary Laranja is maybe now a music manager/publisher, Mark Ghezzo is probably a hairdresser, Darryl Snider might be a property manager, and Jesse Labelle is likely a country musician who has toured with acts like Jordan Knight and Keith Urban, though his Wikipedia page is oddly quiet on if this same Jesse Labelle got his start in a rather-forgotten Canadian boyband.

[Wave]If you don't know "California," then are you even a Canadian? The duo Wave reunited for a performance in hometown Niagara Falls in 2016, but otherwise, Dave Thomson is a songwriter in Nashville and Paul Gigliotti remains a producer/songwriter in Niagara Falls.
[Bonus! California in 2016! featuring covers of Vertical Horizon, Taylor Swift]

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Youtube sources: The Moffatts, Sky, B4-4, McMaster and James, SoulDecision, 3Deep, Identically Different, Wave, more Wave
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