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ONTD Original: Entertainment moments that made young ONTDers realize they were gay.

When the Red Power Ranger ripped his shirt.

Lost Galaxy was the first season to put the original ranger story behind, but in every gay kid, the show will always stay in their mind for Leo's shirtless scene. And also the first time a Ranger went shirtless...I think. I almost fainted.

X-Men 2's Coming Out Scene

So many moments in the film that made us go 'yep. I like dick.' Like Wolverine asking Bobby to make his drink colder and he blows into the bottle made young me clutch my pearls and hide my boner. But the coming out scene was probably the most relatable stuff we had in 2003.

Chrolli clips on Youtube

While we struggled to get decent storylines, European soaps were miles ahead, DeRo, John Paul and Craig, etc. But the first one that started everything with tons of YouTube followers, almost 12 years ago were Christian and Oliver. Christian's turn from 'I'm totally straight' to 'omg I like guys' was definitely something that made you think your school crush could actually want to be with you.

The "Livin' La Vida Loca" MV

The hip thrusting, the shirtless scenes with wax, the pop music. I def. fapped to this back in the day.

Queer As Folk's world

Back when gay characters were something strange on TV, Queer As Folk put sexy and interesting stories on TV. I wanted so bad to go out to Babylon and party with everyone, and then hook up with Brian in his apartment during a sexy software montage with blue light. Even if in hindsight he's the worst.

Jack's coming out in Dawson's Creek.

Jack's poem in Dawson's Creek hit many of us very close to home. Having a gay character? in a popular tv show that my other friends watch as well? WHAAATT? ugh. and Kerr Smith used to be so dreamy. 😍 Even if his poem and coming out were heartbreaking.

The "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" music video.

I was always a Nsync stan, but I gotta admit that the last part of "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" in which they're all dancing shirtless under the 'rain' made me clutch my pearls. Phew.

Telenovela Hunks

If you didn't swoon watching Telenovelas with your abuelita, you have not been part of latin gay culture. It's a shame most of them aged so bad and some even became radical trump loving ultraconservatives. But, back in the day they were definitely crush material.

Every cute lead in every RomCom

If you didn't pretend to be the romantic counterpart of any RomCom hunk...then what were you doing? Shane West in a Walk to Remember, Freddie Prinze Jr. in She's All That, and hell, even Chris Evans with a banana up his ass. All of them made me sure that I liked dick.

Will & Grace's becomes goals

An actually decently written comedy that also reflected my feelings? Of couuuurseee W&G made me realize I was gay, and also set up unreachable goals for what I wanted in life. Will remains my crush to this day.

Baywatch eye candy

At school: Yeah, yeah.... Pamela Anderson, so hot!!
At home: OMG. David Chokachi 😍

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ONTD, any moments from back in the day that made you realize you were gay?
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