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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 1.7 - "Can She by Shereé Borrow some of Brooks's Joggers?" Recap

- Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show in Utah!
- Vocal Fry Mama (Meredith) is presenting at some Sundance fashun event presenting her jewelry. Cult Leader sits next to Living Beyond Her Means Jen Shah but she doesn't care because she's there for the lewks
- Whitney does not give us a Millenial version of Ramona Singer's runway strut 👁 👁 and OP is disappointed
- Vocal Fry Offspring (Brooks) says we are going to see some of his latest "designs"(plural) but Jen corrects us - baby it's singular, just the ONE sweatsuit
- Papa Brooks is guilted as to why he didn't cancel his business meetings to see this one tracksuit in person
- SweetGrinch (Whitney) gets her face shellacked at Mormon Historian's Botox Bar where Heather goes on and on about being a conflicted Mormon which like we fucking get it already
- Jen reveals that she had a hard time after her father passed and sought out therapy and medication and that her husband's suggestion of prayer was not going to be the end all, be all. (Good for her and good for her for revealing this on the show!)
- we get a sweet family moment with Four Lokoquacious (Lisa), her husband, and one child, and one Vincent Adultman. Lisa's husband wishes she was a little more involved in the family moments. They were all making sweet family goals and then Four Lokoquacious is talking about how she needs to build her Warren Buffet empire
- Jen, Heather, and Meredith meet at dinner to discuss relationships
- Whitney and her dad have a little family outing, where her father reveals that he's ready to live on his own and leave the sober living program early, which understandably worries Whitney
- Mormon Historian decides that she'll leave LDS
- SweetGrinch and Fashion Rich, Taste Poor Jen Shah meet for a pole dancing lesson and then talk about the other pole dancing they've been doing or seen others possibly doing


Soo.. have we seen Teresa Giudice's new boyfriend, don't he look like a stretched out version of Juicy Joe? From mortadella to capicola.
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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