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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 1.5 - "Represent Your People of the 7-Eleven" Recap

- we were having such a nice Met Gala midday casual cocktail party lunch and then can you believe it girls? it um... went to fucking shit
- Fashion Rich, Taste Poor Jen Shah apologizes to Not Lisa Barlow but NOT to our Protestant Cult Leader
- Living Beyond Her Means Jen Shah takes umbrage with Mary's Ramona-coaster eyes, and the Cult Leader kicks her out
- Mary's wig done backslidden so far at this lunch like a sinner looking for redemption
- Seemingly Normal Person Heather brings back Jen to mediate and get the peaceful lunch back on track. Mary is breaking the rules of her own lunch
- Fashion Rich, Taste Poor Jen says that Mary once said to her 'if there's too many Black people at the Big Gulp supplier, she dippin'
- we get a normal family momentt with Mormon Historian (Heather) and we see her dorter and her boyfriend. Her dorters are hesitant about returning to the church. I mean Mary's cult is open membership
- Not Lisa Barlow and her boyfriend/ex-husband argue about possibly moving again to Ohio which Not Lisa Barlow thinks is not the business. OP agrees, no offense to those living in Ohio
- Mary isn't really wrong when she says Jenn goes from 0 to 100
- SweetGrinch meets her brother for some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu where they discuss her father's journey to recovery
- Four Lokoquacious throws some kid (I think hers) a birthday party and discuss her marriage. She reveals she threw his Rolex out the window when arguing because rich people do those types of tings
- Meredith and Seth (???) decided to separate and he packs a bag to leave
- Excommunicated Mormon Historian and Cult Leader meet for dinner to discuss The Styleless Shah and Mary's marriage


Be patient with me, I am still carving out these nicknames. However, my shortcomings are not on trial, these heffas' is. Discuss!
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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