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Paul McCartney " Sunday Morning"


-Paul McCartney was interviewed on "Sunday Morning" to talk about his new album " McCartney III".

-McCartney ended up spending quarantine on a farm in England with his daughter Mary and her 4 children nearby. McCartney's wife was grounded in the states.

-McCartney says he guessed that the songs of The Beatles would become standards when he was beginning. He thinks the songs of the Beatles lives on because of the structure and how no extra bits were included.

-McCartney thought "Yesterday" was a song from his Dad's generation he had heard as a youth when he first wrote it.

-McCartney talks about the grief he feels about John Lennon's murder and how he still dreams about Lennon and thinks of him when he writes.
Tags: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, beatles, british celebrities, music / musician, television

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