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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City - Episodes 4 Recap Smelling Like Hospital, So Many Blenders

- apologies on the late delivery y'all, but I decided to do a recap for the newest franchise in the Bravo Universe - RHOSLC (pronunciation: ross lick, rose lick, etc.)
- so it looks like these women actually have money except Jen
- this Utah, so there's lots of talk of the Mormon church
- SweetGrinch (Whitney) is throwing her 1920s Great Gatsby party in the middle of Utah which still has strict drinking laws.
- Living Beyond Her Means Jen Shah (Jen Shah) is still pissed off about Mary's comments and proceeds to burn bridges with the other women. She confronts Meredith about the cancellation of a sleepover, but Meredith doesn't want to reveal the reason why she cancelled. Hold up, is this woman referring to herself in the third person?
- Mormon Momma (Heather Gay) is just like us - watching the drama and waiting for her appetizers
- Four Lokoquacious (Lisa Barlow) goes over to see if she can calm the storm. Ron Howard voice: she cannot.
- I guess Meredith is going with Mary who is boinking her (step) grandpa
- Fashion Rich, Taste Poor (Jen) is giving me Slurinda vibes with the drunken fit
- Meredith (OP is still working on a nickname) takes Four Lokoquacious to a gallery where the latter has like never been in a room with art
- Meredith reveals she's separated from her husband, Lisa does seem genuinely upset and wants to support her
- Four Lokoquacious visits Church Lady Cult Leader (Mary) to judge her home decor
- Ofjenshah skipped his father in law's funeral and Jen reveals some frustrations in her marriage

- Does the cult leader not know that the Met Gala is an event and the theme changes every year?
- at the Met Gala cocktail lunch, he ladies divulge some emotions and get some Louis Vuitton AirPods courtesy of the hard working parishioners of Mary's church
- Can I touch?


Will be catching up with Episode 5 tomorrow! But please feel free discuss any of the episodes! Who's your faves so far - OP loves Heather and Whitney for personality and they seem smart and sweet. Love Meredith because she gives rich bitch vibes, but the marriage thing cuts deep and does seem super honest and not playing it up for TV.
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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