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Jane Lynch and Bette Midler team up to insult a gynecologist on Twitter

Dr. Jennifer Gunter is a Canadian-American gynecologist, known for being critical of celebrities when make dubious health claims (her mainstream popularity really picked when she wrote a blogpost debunking Goop's claims about jade eggs in your vagina). She also has a TV show on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those not in the know) called Jensplaining where "through humour and expertise, she helps us understand how celebrity endorsed popular pseudoscience 'wellness' products and trends are anything but harmless."

She also hates Marianne Williamson, whom some of you may know as a Democratic candidate for president in the 2020 election. But long before that, she was a pastor, an author, and in the '80s, she launched Project Angel Food, a charity to support HIV/AIDS patients. Her legacy has long been divided - she's received a lot of support from queer celebrities on social media, including Jonathan Van Ness and Heather Matarazzo, but some of those who lived through the AIDS crisis claim that she did more harm than good, telling those dying of AIDS that they just didn't pray hard enough. She wrote that "sickness is an illusion and does not actually exist."

Which brings us to today. Marianne Williamson was trending on Twitter, and Dr. Gunter tweeted her thoughts. In response, Bette Midler dismissed Gunter's claims, calling her employers alt-right (which, as a Canadian, I'm pretty surprised to hear about the CBC, and it surprised a lot of people in Bette's replies too). Jane Lynch agreed, in another tweet saying that she's read every one of Williamson's books and is a better person for it.

She's also blocking people in the replies who disagree with her (I'm debating it, just to see if I too can experience the fleeting elation of being blocked by a celeb).

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(Team Williamson, Gunter, or No One?)
Tags: celebrity social media, glee (fox), politics

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