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ONTD Original: Most Shocking moments from TV Shows in 2020


12. The Boys makes people's head explote...literally.

The Boys S2 shocked everyone when people's head started exploding, and even more shocking the reveal of who was behind it during the final moments of the season finale.

11. ONTDer Ryan Phillippe is killed off in the Big Sky pilot.

Known ONTDer Ryan Philippe was doing promo as the lead of the new ABC show 'Big Sky', and it even broke some trailer views records, so imagine people's shock when they find out that Ryan's character is killed in the pilot episode.

10. HTGAWM kills off Bonnie and Annalise.

We knew HTGAWM's finale was going to be sad, but killing off Bonnie out of nowhere was heartbreaking (and Viola delivers a heart wrenching performance), also as shocking... the flashforwards to Annalise's funeral were many years into the future.

9. Doctor Who brings back a lot of past (and new) faces.

The last few season of Doctor Who, and specially Jodie Whitaker's season have cut off connections with RTD's storylines, so it was particularly shocking to see Captain Jack return, as well as the return of past doctors that the doctor didn't even remember in a twist that shook Doctor Who's canon. Also, it was glorious to see fanboys cry because the Doctor has been a black woman for a while.

8. Schitt's Creek's Emmy sweep.

While technically not part of the show, it was truly amazing to see Schitt's Creek break records and sweep all the main comedy categories. The most ever wins (9) and nominations (15) for a comedy in a single year. An amazing way to end the show.

7. Lovecraft Country's entire first season.

It's hard to pick a single moment of Lovecraft's first season that was not shocking... the demon vampires, Atticus dying, the time traveling, the aliens with afros, the dancing demon kids, the body morphing sex scenes, Atticus death... and somehow it was all truly amazing.

6. Devs WTFs it's way through time.

If you didn't watch Devs, don't worry, nobody did. But it was a show about a Facebook like company that had a secret project, somehow they developed an algorithm that allowed them to see through time...even to the future, and raises the question if the future can be changed?

5. The Mandalorian brings back [spoiler] to save Baby Yoda.
[This one goes under a spoiler cut since its fairly recent...]
We kinda knew a Jedi was appearing since Grogu summoned one but we didn't expect the show to actually deliver a young Luke Skywalker.

4. Grey's Anatomy reunites Meredith and Derek.

Speaking of Unexpected...Grey's delivered a huge jaw dropping twist when after getting COVID, Meredith entered a fever dream in which she reunited with her late husband Derek, bringing Patrick Dempsey back to the show 7 years after he left. Episodes later TR Knight also reprised his role as George.

3. Supernatural makes Destiel canon.

Two episodes before its finale, Supernatural delivered a twist 11 years in making Destiel canon. Castiel came out and declared his love for Dean before being sent to super gay hell. Dean didn't answer anything back until some rogue dubbing in Spanish said 'fuck it' and dubbed the episode as if Dean had said he loved him back.

2. The Arrowverse meets the DCU.

In a mother of surprising twists, The CW DC shows have always been considered like 'lower' quality shows and not really part of the DCU but that changed in January when during the conclusion of the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' crossover Grant Gustin's Flash got to meet fan-beater and dirty-toenails-enthusiast Ezra Miller's Flash.

1. Every TV Show ends in a cliffhanger.

In what was probably the most unexpected thing to happen this year, every single show ended their season on a cliffhanger, or at least with many unresolved stories since Covid-19 forced TV Shows to shut down production out of nowhere due to quarantine mandates.

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ONTD, any TV moments that shook you?
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