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Comic Round Up: DC, Marvel, and more DC!

-The Justice League is getting a makeover after the fallout from Future State
-Black Canary/Green Arrow, Naomi, Black Adam, and Hippolyta will be joining the league as we see classics such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern depart.
-It's rumored that the JL will be led by Oliver Queen himself (no one tell Stephen Amell)
-Brian Bendis will take over writing duties.

-The Joker is getting his own title come March and he's bringing his new lady along with him.

-When Nightwing returns in March, he'll have an ongoing co-star in Barbara Gordan aka Batgirl/Oracle.

-The two will even have a 3 legged puppy to go along with their romance

-Even though Barbara will be in the title, it wont be Nightwing & Batgirl. It'll just stay Nightwing

-Now that the Multiverse is back yet AGAIN...everyone is getting semi new origins.

-The Crime Syndicate title will track each of their origins and formation of the team.

-Notable differences is Super Woman's alias will be Donna Troy from Demons Island, Power Ring now goes by Emerald Knight, and Atomica joins the cast

-First look at Wolverine and Captain America infused with the Phoenix Force

-Beta Ray Bill is getting a new spin off title and a new weapon!

-Wonder Woman is getting a 2nd solo title again, this time a revival of Sensational Comics but named Sensational WW

-Will be digital first before being printed together for the masses

-Will feature classic WW villains and allies

-Former Guardians of the Galaxy writer revealed that they were going to give Peter a boyfriend but alas it didnt happen

-Silk is finally coming back with her new solo title after being delayed for ages by Marvel

-Helena Wayne is coming back to DC Comics and this time she is getting a major makeover. One that ties her closer to her parents.

-She'll appear in the Batman/Catwoman limited series

-First look at Harleys new costume

DC is home to:

Infinite Legends

Infinite Hope

Infinite Mysteries

Infinite Adventures

-"Beginning with The Flash #768, after the events spanning from DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the former Kid Flash decides to call it quits," DC continues. "Family is more important to Wally West than a connection to the Speed Force. If you love the Flash and want to hit the ground running for the redemption arc of DC’s favorite speedster, The Flash #768 is the perfect jumping-on point!"

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