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Shawn Mendes Scores Fourth No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 Chart with “Wonder”

This week, Shawn Mendes managed to score his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart with his latest snooze of an album, “Wonder.” The album earned 89,000 equivalent album units in the US, with 54,000 of those being pure album sales.

Despite an impressive no. 1 debut from someone so bland with little personality, this is his lowest first week sales to date (and during a big lucrative Q4 release date).

For comparison...

Handwritten: 119,000 (106,000 pure album sales).
Illuminate: 145,000 (121,000 pure album sales).
Shawn Mendes: 182,000 (142,000 pure album sales)

This is by no means a “flop,” but coming off a massive hit like “Señorita” and a duet with the Biebs? Not to mention the promo and Netflix documentary... And these were the best numbers he could pull? Has the general public become fatigued with Shawnmila? Has Sean peaked? Or is COVID / no tour bundles responsible for the lower numbers?

Tags: canadian celebrities, ratings / charts - billboard, shawn mendes

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