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Batgirl, Donna Troy, Black Canary get ready for the end + Comic roundup

-With DC's Dark Metal event winding down, the last remaining heroes of the Multiverse come together on Themiscrya to face the end of the universe (again)

-Barbara reunites with the Dick to talk out relationship troubles

-Donna Troy worries about whats to come and is reunited with almost every Titan to ever be a Teen Titan

-Black Canary and Green Arrow meet Black Arrow (story written by Gail Simon)

-Wonder Woman doubts her ability to save everyone

Wonder Woman by new co-writers Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad along with new artist Travis Moore returns on March 10 with Wonder Woman #770.

"In this new story arc, Diana has to endure endless fighting – and partying(?) – as she tries to figure out why she’s in Valhalla, and why nobody seems surprised that she’s there"

-When Teen Titans returns to their regular scheduled program, it'll be as New Teen Titans Academy.

-"Class is in session on March 17, 2021, as the Future State: Teen Titans duo of writer Tim Sheridan and artist Rafa Sandoval join the original Titans – Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy – school a new generation of teenage crimefighters in a new ongoing series, Teen Titans Academy. Pay close attention, because one of these novice heroes will become Red X!"

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