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blackpink on their album and their fans

blackpink did an interview with a forbes writer, about their album, their fans, and their upcoming concert. some highlights:

jennie: "The Show is our first online concert that we've been waiting to bring to our fans. We kind of wanted to prepare a Christmas gift for everyone who went through a lot, who worked hard this year. Even though it's an online concert, we're trying our best to express the show to its fullest. So, trying different things, anything that we can take advantage of being online. We really hope our fans enjoy it. Yeah, we're very excited."

lisa: "Oh, my favorite song in the album is “Pretty Savage” because it's super Blackpink."

rose: "We're surprised every day. We're like, how can somebody be so supportive of a person? It's just unbelievable. I think we really commend them. They work very hard for us and it just blows our minds how they can be so supportive of somebody else. We learned from our fans too.

We want to say we're very thankful for how hard they try, how much support they give us and we appreciate it. We really do. And we want to work as hard with them, so we can achieve more things together. It's a great relationship that we have."


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