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Matthew Morrison was inspired by The Joker for his portrayal of The Grinch

- He said that he doesn't want The Grinch to be a good dancer, so he was inspired by Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar-winning Joker and became carefree and loose in his dancing for the character.

- He also said that filming required social distancing and masks on during the month-long rehearsal.

- This is his return to a musical role after leading Glee for six years. The musical is filmed live in the Troubadour Theatre in London and stars Denis O'Hare as adult Max, Booboo Stewart as young Max, and Amelia Minto as Cindy-Lou Who.

- Matthew Morrison plays The Grinch in NBC's "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical" airing December 9, 8 pm ET.

more @ source

Are you inspired by The Joker, ONTD? Do you live in a society?
Tags: actor / actress, broadway / theatre, glee (fox), prayer circle, television - nbc, you in danger

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