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The View: Joe Manchin, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Rudy Doody Colludy Has Covid

He’s so gross. I can’t.

Today in America it is Pearl Harbor Day, as a remembrance and honor to the 2,403 Americans who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. While the same America 79 years later are suffering through the loss of more than 2,400 deaths DAILY to covid because some refuse to take this pandemic seriously and won’t distance or wear a mask. Icymi Vivek Murthy has been named the Surgeon General for Biden admin, returning to the role he held during part of the Obama admin.

Hot Topic Stepford Bot vs Warnock and Empty Podium vs Ossoff

Wild times people wild times. Stepford bot Loeffler was even mocked by Fox News for just standing there, barely blinking, repeating bingo words Radical Liberal Warnock Socialist Marxist Defund Police Pelosi Schumer. In the other non-debate, Ossoff and the moderator had a conversation while Chicken Perdue refused to even show up (he also refused the last debate before the election), so they kept showing the empty lectern lol. Stepford bot is part owner of a WNBA team, who is openly supporting her opponent. A twitter guy took a screen cap of several different moments of Stepford bot and they’re … exactly the same loool.

More mocking of both GA GOP candidates. Why is Stepford bot even bothering, she’s already uber wealthy due to her husband. How can Chicken Perdue refuse to participate in debates and still expect people's votes. These people don’t care about public service.

Hot Topic Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)

First segment. WaPo contacted every single GOP House and Senate member. Only 27 would say on the record that Biden won. Most of the others didn’t officially deny it, they just avoided making comment. They talk about the election and coward GOP [The Electoral College votes on 14 Dec, they’re cowardly waiting on this official date, even though the state certifications are complete]. They talk about Manchin being a conservative Democrat, why continue to work across the aisle. (Because WV is super red so it’s either a full blown QAnon GOP or a centrist Dem). They talk about 74M who still voted for that crackpot after the economy has tanked and 260K people have dead. The stock market is meaningless for a lot of WV demographics. They debrief a bit on what happened with down-ballot elections. They talk about progressive efforts, isn’t there room for both.

Next segment. They talk about the never ending covid stimulus bill despite the House having passed bills previously, including some compromises. People can blame the House and Pelosi but Mitch McConnell was never ever going to allow a Senate vote before election, and every McConnell alternative presented has focused only on business, not individual relief. They talk about renewed efforts on gun reform.

Ontd you know you’re from the south when your neighbors call it The Covid. Does your area have its own special phrasing?

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