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The View: David Chang, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Will You Shut Up, Man

It’s always about the grift. Donald Dum Dum who has been bleating about election fraud has managed to raise … $207M … from gullible cult followers since the election ended. Remember 60% goes to pay off campaign debt, the candidate T45, and the RNC. So ignore the never-ending fake sideshow lawsuits that cost (so far) $8.8M, that is all smoke and mirrors for T45 to pocket (minimum) $124M. The hosts make jokes. Him going to GA is to feed his ego, grift some more, they have no strategic message because he claims election fraud so why would his supporters go vote, he’s threatened (or incited threats) against GOP lawmakers in GA because he lost. It’s karma, and when your opponent is shooting himself, you get out of the way.

Hot Topic Biden and Harris on CNN

Biden and Harris gave a joint interview to CNN Jake Tapper Thursday night. They play clips and talk about adults having normal conversations. Sara liked how Biden presented himself, not attacking opponents, behaving like a statesman. Ana was relieved at how normal, sane, and adult it felt. Also liked the relationship dynamic between Biden and Harris, and his answer about diversity in the cabinet. Sunny also likes that it feels like a real partnership with Biden-Harris and Biden says [like he was with Obama] that she’ll be the last person in the room on important decisions.

Hot Topic Hot Dates in Quarantine

A magazine gave tips about keeping the romance alive during quarantine. The panel talks about how they keep it spicy. Ana dresses up and they put on Donna Summer. Sara has 3 kids at home and normally wears loose fitting clothes, so she wears something that at least outlines her real shape to change things up. Sunny doesn’t feel they have romance problems at home /s. Joy says she and her husband are just an old boring couple.

Hot Topic David Chang Won $1M

Chef David Chang, who has written books and has a podcast, was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and bet it all. The first celebrity to win $1M. They talk about his experience and that he’s donating it to The Southern Smoke, who supports hospitality workers impacted by the pandemic. They play a clip when Joy was a contestant. He has a cute baby, they show a video.

Hot Topic New TSA Rules on Support Animals

The Department of Transportation now only allows dogs as emotional support animals, to limit risk and exposure to all the different types of animals that airlines had to safely transport. The panel weighs both sides. The benefits of support animals vs those who abused the policy by bringing every animal imaginable and pretending they were for support reasons. Also jokes about Sunny's chickens.

Ontd this show is so much more tolerable to watch WITHOUT ME-AGAIN, and they're used to Zoom now, that prevents them from talking over each other

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