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Dixie D’Amelio Deletes Teaser For Song With Wiz Khalifa After TikTok Users Diss Her Music Career

TikTok star turned wannabe singer Dixie D’Amelio (better known as Charli D’Amelio’s older sister) has deleted the teaser for her upcoming song with rapper Wiz Khalifa after receiving overwhelming negative criticism from viewers.

TikTok users particularly roasted her 3rd grade lyrics: “One day, one day / I was really really really really sad.”

She then deleted the clip and tweeted, “I’m just trying to have fun. I love music and photoshoots. But I’m losing passion for everything now.”

“I literally can’t be excited about ANYTHING,” she added. Those tweets have since been deleted.

Her cool stage mom also got involved and released a lengthy statement on the matter. “To those shitting on people who are doing things they love and are getting attention for it — you should find something you love and go do it!” said the cool mom. “To anyone who takes the time to type hate towards someone who is having fun and doing what they love, please know you are a classic case of a weak person who is truly pathetic. If you are a person who wants to take something you love and are passionate about to the next level put in your work and figure it out," she added. "Ask for help, do your research, Google it!! But what you don’t do is be an asshole to someone else that has done the work you aren’t willing to do.” Ohh, sick burn!

Dixie has since uploaded a new extended clip on Twitter and still plans to drop her not-so-highly anticipated single at 10am PST (Dec 4).

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