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The View: Mindy Kaling, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic A Whole Team of CJ’s

Biden announced his WH Communications team, which will be all women for the first time ever. Kayleigh Macaroni disputed this because I guess she doesn’t know her own team members Judd Deere and Hogan Gidley have boy parts, as did Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci. The panel likes the narrative that so many women are in high positions and a voice for the admin, but it’s important that it’s a more honest and transparent comms team vs Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh, Stephanie Grisham (who never did a single press conference). Trump Team has been propaganda machines, whereas Biden WH comms team already has gravitas from their history with the press.

Hot Topic Will You Shut Up, Man

This fool gave an interview to Fox News where he rambled incessantly about election fraud and was never called out for it. There’s nothing else to say about it. The key swing states have all certified their election results. He’s still grifting, hoping to get $$ from gullible donors who don’t read the fine print which says 60% will go to pay off campaign debt, RNC, and of course line his pockets on the way out.

Hot Topic Dr Birx is Trying to Re-Interview for Biden

Lol the `doctor` who let it go when Trump said inject bleach and disinfectant wore a mask on a zoom call with Face the Nation (haahahahahh) in hopes she’ll have a prominent role on Biden covid team. Technically she made some points about covid spread but that mask heh. The panel talks about the dark winter and the coming vaccine.

Hot Topic Mindy Kaling

She talks about new baby Spencer. She promotes her new book Nothing Like I Imagined which was written before the pandemic. She was worried it wouldn’t hit right given the new mental space everyone entered when lockdowns started, but has been pleased that people found it a welcome distraction. She talks about the election and having visibility and representation with Kamala Harris. She talks about pancreatic cancer, her mom died from the disease in 2012, and the program she’s partnering with to raise awareness.

Hot Topic Trump is a Loser Update


**The only case Trump Team won involved shortening the vote count for mail ballots from 9 days down to 6 days which had no affect on the outcome and was finished by then anyway

Ontd did you do a lot of Cyber Monday holiday shopping?

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