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ONTD Original: Want some TV Nostalgia? The Best TV Fall Promos of the last 20 years.

9. FOX - The New Season (2004)
Featuring The Oc, House, Still Life (with a super young Jensen Ackles), Luis, Wonderfalls, Stan Hooper, 24, The Ortegas.

8. NBC - Looking for a Place To Land (2001)
This promo aired just once on Sept. 10, 2001. 9/11 happened the next day and the promo never aired again. Featuring ER, Will & Grace, The West Wing, Frasier, Just Shoot Me, Ed (omg, totally forgot about this show) and FRIENDS.

7. The CW - Free To Be (2006)
Featuring Everybody hates Chris (back when Terry Crews was ok), 7th Heaven (back when we didn't know they had a pedo), Runaways, The Game, One Tree Gill, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, ANTM and Smallville (with non cray Chloe).

6. NBC - Brotherhood of Men (2012)
Ok, technically this wasn't a fall promo, but still good featuring 30Rock, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Community (lmao at them not being here for it), Smash, Law & Order, The Voice, The Tonight Show, Parenthood, Are You There, Chelsea?, Up All Night, The Apprentice (trigger warning for 45), Whitney (Trigger warning for Pedo Chris D'elia's face) The Today Show, SNL, Grimm (lol, they did not even care about you) and Harry’s Law.

5. The WB - Keep on Rising (2005)
Featuring Everwood, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Charmed, What I Like About You (I miss this), Living with Fran, Modern Men (the fuck is that?), Reba, Misconceptions, 7th Heaven, Twins (this was actually kinda fun), The Bedford Diaries, Just Legal, Related (RIP), Pepper Dennis and Supernatural (omg, they're just babies!)

4. The CW - TV Now (2014)
Featuring The Vampire diaries, The 100, Reign, Jane The Virgin, The Originals, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, The Secret Circle, iZombie and some other Canadian shows, idk...

3. ABC - Start Here (2008)
Featuring Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money (lol, that mess), Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, Brothers & Sisters, Eli Stone and Lost. Damn ABC was so great back then.

2. The WB - Goodbye to the WB / Faces I'll Remember (2006)
Featuring Felicity, The Steve Harvey Show, Angel, Buffy, The Jamie Kenneddy Experiment, Reba, Charmed, Sister Sister, Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek and a shitload of old WB stars.

1. The WB - Oh What a Night! (2000)
Don't you just wanna party like it's 1999? A lovely mix of characters from different shows: Buffy, Charmed, Angel, the Jamie Foxx show, Roswell, Dawson's Creek, Felicity, 7th Heaven, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Popular.

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ONTD, any cool TV promos you remember?
Tags: 1990s, 2000s, 30 rock (nbc), arrow (cw), buffyverse / whedonverse, charmed, desperate housewives (abc), gilmore girls (cw / netflix), greys anatomy (abc), jamie foxx, jane the virgin (cw), law and order (nbc), lost (abc), nostalgia, ontd original, parks and recreation (nbc), reign (cw), superman / smallville, supernatural (cw), television, television promo / stills, the flash (cw), the office (nbc), the voice (nbc / international), ugly betty (abc), vampire diaries / the originals (cw)

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