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Shawn Mendes cover British GQ and gives preview of new songs

Shawn Mendes is GQ's Solo Artist of the Year.

In the interview with GQ, Shawn gave some insight into 3 new songs from the album:

Dream is about missing his partner while she's on another continent and dreaming about her coming home.

Call My Friends is about missing his friends and wanting to take a break with them and just get high.

Song for No One is about feeling lonely and getting messages from everyone except the one person he wants to hear from. He previously told Elton John that it is one of the only songs he wrote a while ago.
"I wrote it three years ago, and it was before any conceptualization of this album. It was after three days of striking out, and we gave up the room. I started playing this really eerie guitar part, super small. The whole thing is really sad; [I was] not with Camila at the time. I was a little hungover and wishing I was with her. The producer I was with was like, “Okay, keep this, I have this grand idea for it.” Next thing I hear, it goes from this beautiful minor progression string swell to this massive '60s fill, and opens up into a major progression with horns and string and harp parts, and it’s like the drops open...I don’t know what it is about that one, but that one, in particular, gets me."

His documentary also featured clips of him writing and recording several new tracks for his album

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I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)! This post is for me and the one other shawn fan on here lol. I'm actually really excited to hear his album because it sounds like he is experimenting with a lot of new sounds.
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