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Andy Samberg Tells Academy Members Unwilling to Accept Diversity Standards to "Fuck Off"

The Academy Awards recently announced inclusion thresholds for Best Picture category, and while promoting Palm Springs, Andy Samberg had a few key words to those who took issue with the very strict, very limiting, very much not doing the least parameters:

"The Oscars thing, people having issues with that, it’s insane. The parameters, if you look at them closely, you could have the whitest cast in the history of cinema and still very easily meet them by just doing a few roles behind the camera. People that have problems with it can fuck off."

[A bit about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine will address police brutality and systemic racism]
“Our country is going through a hard time. It’s been going through this. I’ve been hearing about this in rap music for 30 years. We’ve been told if we wanted to listen. It’s been happening. What the show is going to do is further the conversation.”

“I do believe that our characters need to examine their roles in the world. They’re going to be forced to look in the mirror and see who they’re complicit with. We have a decent track record of addressing social issues.”

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