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MAPPA gives an update on "Yuri On Ice" movie

The PR Twitter account for the highly-successful figure skating anime "Yuri!!! on ICE", tweeted on Friday evening JST/4 am EST a brief update from Japanese animation studio MAPPA on the YOI movie "Ice Adolescence", which was first announced in April of 2017. They are still working hard to get the movie out, but are not at the point that they can give a release date. The studio has been extremely secretive, to the point that this is probably the most that has been said about it since the original announcement.

Back in January 2019, the original anime was shown in Japan movie theaters over three weekends. At the end of each block of episodes, this teaser was shown, but unless you were physically in one of the theaters that did the screenings, you didn't get to see it. Two months shy of two years since then, they finally put it on YouTube. It shows a 17-year-old Victor Nikiforov in what appears to be his debut at his first Grand Prix Series event as a senior skater in what may be Trophee' Eric Bompard in France, if the pan over the city of Paris is any indication. It also says it is an Olympic season, which going by his age here would make it the 2005-2006 figure skating season, as the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy were in 2006.

Little is known about the story of the movie at this time, other than it appears it will fill in Victor Nikiforov's past, which was not really touched on in the anime.

As a long time skating fan, this anime blew me away with its attention to detail regarding the sport of figure skating. I'm excited for the movie and I hope it doesn't take a million years to make it over to the US. After this insane year it was nice to wake up to some fun news.

PS. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

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