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Supernatural's Misha Collins Shoots Down Fan Conspiracy Theories

Earlier this week, the Latin American dub of the episode where Castiel confessed his feelings for Dean made waves among the people who still watch Supernatural, featuring a translation that had Dean reciprocating Castiel's affection (which did not happen in the original, English-language airing of the episode). This led to frenzied speculation that the initial script had Dean reciprocating and fan-favorite pairing Destiel going canon before the big bad CW intervened and censored it, a theory that went viral under the Twitter hashtag #TheySilencedThem.

Misha Collins, Castiel's actor, took to his Twitter account to debunk the conspiracy, calling the dub translation merely the work of a "rogue translator." He went on to defend the character's ending more generally, arguing that Castiel doesn't fit the "Bury Your Gays" trope because his sacrifice was a heroic one and the character goes on to rebuild heaven in the afterlife. He closed his tweet thread by urging fans to both work through their feelings via fan art and by asking what the show could have done better:

Full tweet thread behind the cutCollapse )

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