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Smallville Is 20 Years Old Next Year - Time For A Virtual 2020 Reunion!


Tom Welling exuding daddy energy (fuck you, ONTD, for making me feel like I had to type that out) with a charm that was absent through Smallville’s ten season run. He’s pushing for a Cheaper by the Dozen 3.

Kristin Kreuk chilling in Winnipeg, looking beautiful as fuck (not shocking) wearing a messy bun in an apartment that isn’t hers.

Michael Rosenbaum (a.k.a DJ Sexy Lexy) greeted the meeting with an old polaroid of him and Tom Welling, shirtless, during the first season of Smallville. He allegedly hands that very photo out to fans at cons lmao. He’s wearing a hat so no CW necessary for those used to seeing him bald. Fun fact: In high school, Michael Rosenbaum played Mr. Vince Fontaine from Grease.

Erica Durance came in completely awkward and adorable. RIP those stunning smile lines (fuck you, neckbeards, who ever said anything negative about this face omg - she talks very briefly about this at 36:20).

Also featuring...

Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl): looking unreal with that bone structure that could cut diamonds. She’s cute and funny and OP stans the best Kara (fight me, bitch).
Sam Witwer (Doomsday): As much as OP creams over Smallville, the later seasons (post-Kara) went unwatched we were poor and couldn't afford cable anymore, ok. Hearing Sam's deep voice for the first time is pretty soothing tbh.
Alan Ritchson (Aquaman): Surprisingly humble for someone who looks like he hits the gym regularily. Fun fact: Tom Welling directed the Aquaman episode and Alan says he learned a lot from seeing Tom work.

Fun Facts Revealed During the Meeting:
· Tom Welling took two sick days during the ten year run. He didn't have an opportunity to negotiate days off until the seventh season, which was for five days a year.

· Kristin Kreuk was pretty much early!Lana irl. She says she was scared "all of the time" during the shows first few seasons and would sit by herself reading books all of the time between takes.

· Laura Vandervoort looks back she realizes the impact Kara had on young girls and wishes they could have approached her character differently. She mentions the skimpy outfits and 'flippant/bitchy' (???? she was stubborn and took no one's shit - classic Kara - wtf, Laura) attitude Kara had that she didn't favour.

· They had Michael onset for one entire day for the series finale. He told them to do whatever they wanted with him/his character for that day, and they got him to work 24 hours straight.

· Michael is clausterphobic and the bald cap for the series finale made him freak out. The way he described it was comedic.

· Kristin, while she has stayed with the CW network, is the only actor in this meeting who hasn't returned to the DC universe in some form. She says at 52:00 that she misses doing fight scenes

· Tom Welling has been asked to play a future Clark Kent on Supergirl but he felt that it didn't make any sense for a variety of reasons. [50:00]

· Tom Welling's favourite 'farm chore' was throwing the tractor in the earlier seasons.

[Video Highlights (Quotes)]Some highlights from the video:

Clark: When I saw you on Blue Mountain State*, I was so jealous. I was like, ‘I wanna be on that show!’
Aquaman: You wanted to swallow dildos every week?
*OP note: Blue Mountain State (2010 – 2011) was a very dudebro show that probably would have thrived in the early 00s when films like American Pie and The Girl Next Door were taking over.

What is one thing that, even to this day, you carry away with you as being a part of Smallville?
: I physically took things from the set, that's what I took.
(OP Note: Laura Vandervoort reveals later in the video that she took her Krypton cuff, to which Michael approved.)

Lois: *Saying the sweetest things about the impact Smallville had on her*
Supergirl: Michael distracting from your answer...
Lex: I'm not doing anything!

Lex: Alan, you really look good.
Clark: I know!
Lex: Can you e-mail me what you're doing? How do you do that?
Aquaman: I've got a Canon 5D, you just hook it up to the computer.
Lois: I think he's asking, like, if you work out or something.

Fan in the chat saying Alan is the best Aquaman.
Aquaman: It's always bizarre to me to hear people enjoyed my Aquaman time on the show because this was the first thing I ever did. I walked on the set completely clueless and I'm looking around, trying to absorb as much as I can, and, you know, you've got Rosenbaum farting behind the desk during the scene...
Lana: *Nods aggressively*

We all know Doomsday from the comics; he kills Superman, we see him as the big Kryptonite-covered monster, and you come in as this human iteration of him...
: One of the funniest things is to try to go on set and menace Tom. I'm 6'1" and I'm like, 'yeah, sure, I've menaced people on television before, I'll go and I'll pick on him.' And then I meet Tom and he's 6'4"! So I'm like, '[looks up and points] hey! I'm gonna get you!'

Doomsday: Tom was an awesome example of what you're supposed to do as the lead of a series. He showed up every day, chipper and in a good mood. You're like, 'yeah, he's in a good mood, we're all in a good mood, it's great!' but then [he goes on] to do something where [he's] demanded to be in every scene, every day, and never have a day off. I didn't do as well as Tom, I was a moody son of a bitch where I'm like, 'wow, how did Tom Welling do it? God, I'm disgraceful with my horrible mood.'

Clark: I remember season 2 or 3 of Supernatural and Jensen and Jared were like, 'we need to go to dinner, we're taking you to dinner, we're paying' so we go to dinner and they go, 'dude, we're working all these nights, how can we not work nights?' I'm like, '...well, it's called Supernatural and it happens at night.'

Clark: When [Michael] did come back [for the series finale], the scene we had, they did this big crane shot that comes down over... it goes up and it shows the Luthor mansion, it's all destroyed, and it goes all the way down and all of a sudden Michael walks in... and he goes, "LINE!" He forgot his line! And I'm like, 'nothing's changed!'

Aquaman: They pitched me this idea [for Titans]; Hank Hall is an alcoholic, pill-popping vigilante in a very dark, gritty world. It sounded really cool! I'm a persona actor so I wanted to play myself.

Kara: To finally see [Supergirl] have a series was great and I wanted to support that. So I just said, 'I'd love to be bad, I'd love to look nothing like myself' and they came up with Indigo who's entirely blue with pink hair which was a lot of fun. Also a Mystique rip-off, so we don't need to get into that! I don't know how they got away with it.

Aquaman: *Sharing how grateful he is for the show and what it did for his career and how happy he is to be here*
Doomsday: *More or less the same as Alan, just more concise*
Interviewer: DJ Sexy Lexy?
Lex, playing with his dogs: What?

Like Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum do throughout this entire video, do you still flirt with your old friend(s) of 20 years?

In all honesty, this is the best virtual reunion I've ever seen. These are always so boring, but Tom and Michael juice it up and make everyone feel so comfortable. We need more of those fucks together tbh
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