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The View: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Garth Brooks, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Covid Traveler Super Spreaders

Despite warnings, new lockdowns, and pleadings from nearly everyone, folks are still traveling and (too) many have plans for family Thanksgiving which is expected to cause already high cases to skyrocket. According to survey from Glamour, many aren’t being truthful about quarantining prior to travel or visiting with family. Sara talks about cheating lying family members who go out but say they’re not. Joy thinks Sara’s family is dysfunctional (based on Sara’s story). Joy says she’s been alone on Thanksgiving so she can relate, but it’s too important to take chances. Ana thinks Joy is the dysfunctional one (based on Joy’s story). Ana says she’s traveling to Nicaragua now that flights there opened up; she hasn’t seen her mother in a year and her mother has been near death due to poor health. Ana’s been tested and will be in full hazmat. Sunny is going to be a homebody and only those in her house will join in. They’ll zoom with other family members. She’s glad Ana is able to see her mom after everything and knows Ana will be safe. Whoopi’s family voted locally then came to Whoopi’s several weeks ago so they are all good.

Hot Topic MSNBC Joe & Mika

MSNBC Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski talk about everything politics related. Pouty McFussypants, Biden Cabinet announcements, GOP cowards, lists the hundreds of things GOP has not spoken out about, doesn’t know what happens to Republicans who are never-Trumpers and don’t see going back to their party as it is because it supported an a awful despot.

Next they talk about possible prosecution of T45. Mika and Joe disagree. Mika thinks T45 needs to be held accountable, a post mortem of how this happened so it can be prevented in the future, a check on the role of Attorney General. Then they talk about the down ballot races that weren’t as successful as Biden-Harris at the top of the ticket. Joe thinks "defund the police" phrase hurt some Democrats as well as the (false) labels of socialists or communists.

Joe is promoting his new book Saving Freedom which is about President Harry Truman, who took over in the midst of WWII when Roosevelt died in office. Draws some comparisons between that history of admin changes to what Biden will face. Also talks about Truman always being underestimated, he left with low approval rating (which has been reassessed by historians in hindsight) but it was because he made bold decisions for that era.

Hot Topic Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks talks about impacts on touring due to covid, his wife Tricia Yearwood, his Thanksgiving plans, and his two new albums Fun and Triple Live Deluxe.

Ontd wishing all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving whatever your plans are! And a Happy Thursday to everyone else! /kisses/

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