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Foo Fighters look back on 25 year career!

25 years ago, Foo Fighters came on the scene with their self-titled debut. OP remembers the video for “Big Me” like it was yesterday. Footos! The Fresh Fighter! Nine albums and 12 Grammy’s later, the guys get together to look at forgotten pictures and videos to reminisce on the past 25 years. The result is “Times Like Those.”

an honest assessment of who we’ve been; the bad fashion decisions, questionable facial hair, and, to be fair, a pretty respectable collection of guitars......So, we invite you to crane your neck, and join us in taking a look at what taking a look looks like…or something.

You can see pictures from their first concert ever and how well the guys actually remember their career. A lot of roasting and laughs by all. Appearances by members of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, & Rush.
Fun facts:
-Dave says the acoustic tour was one of his favorite and Taylor says it was a hard tour for him because Dave is a chatty cathy and Taylor would get bored.
-Taylor played with Rush and was the second person to drum for them after lead singer and drummer Neil Peart.
-They built their own studio around 2004. Dave told everyone they had to come help build the studio. That lasted a day because they had to do math to build and it was hard. “In Your Honor” was thankfully still made.


Can you believe it's been 25 years of Foo? What are some of your favorite songs and/or memories?
Tags: dave grohl / foo fighters / nirvana, music / musician (rock)

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