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Allie X Announces "Cape God" Digital Concert for December 17th + Special Vinyl Releases

Allie X will air a special digital concert of songs from her 2020 album Cape God (as well as fan favourite song "BITCH"). The show will stream on Dec. 17th at both 7 PM GMT and 7 PM PST; tickets are available for $10 USD (or with purchase of merch bundle, including a limited edition vinyl of Collxtion I and II).

"I'm so x-cited to announce this special show particularly since I didn't have the opportunity to tour this year. I'll be performing some of my favorite songs from Cape God plus 'Bitch' (I had to include 'Bitch!'), in a beautiful setting, wearing some fabulous clothes. HA! It should be an aesthetically pleasing x-perience for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting these things together."

[Where to purchase tickets + limited edition vinyl]

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She's a great live performer and very committed to an aesthetic, plus she makes some fantastic pop music, so I'd expect it should be a fun "concert!"

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