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ONTD Original: Remembering Melanie Thornton of La Bouche

On this day 19 years ago (Nov. 24, 2001), front-woman of the 90s group LA BOUCHE, Melanie Thornton, died in a plane crash going from one gig to the next. She was only 34 years old. Tonight, we'll take a look at her successful, however short, solo career.

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In the mid 90s, there were many successful euro-pop duos that followed a simple formula: Get one female to sing. Get one male to rap. Place vocals on top of upbeat electro dance beats, and you’ve got a hit! (And ironically, a lot of them were Americans who would find success predominantly overseas). La Bouche was one of the countless ones of the era, with such hits as “Be My Lover”, “Sweet Dreams”, and a cover of “Fallin’ In Love”.
(Fun fact, the group was created by Frank Farian, who is most famous for putting together Milli Vanilli).

But as the 90s were coming to a close, so was this general formula for euro pop. Already having an established audience in Europe, La Bouche singer Melanie Thornton set off on a successful, and unfortunately short, solo career.

Melanie signed a solo record deal with Sony, and her first single “Love How You Love Me” was released in November 2000.
While the original was a ballad, she knew she still had to serve her La Bouche following and came through with a dance remix (of which a separate video was cut for).

The second single “Heartbeat” was also a ballad, but of course, she came through and had a dance remix ready to go with a separate music video!

In May 2001, her album “Ready To Fly” was released (oh my god😬).

In the midst of a busy year of various promo duties (radio, tv, concerts, etc.), Melanie scored another great gig. A Christmas track “Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)” was recorded for Coca Cola, based off their old holiday jingle
(To this day, I know her version of the song gets radio play in Europe during the holidays).

On November 24th, 2001, Melanie would perform what would be for the last time in Leipzig, Germany. After the show was over, she would board a flight headed to Zurich, Switzerland for another performance.
The CrossAir flight would crash due to navigation errors, killing 24 of the 33 people onboard.
Euro-pop group Passion Fruit was also on the flight. Only one of the vocalists (Debby St. Maarten) and the groups manager were amongst the survivors.

Short interview before her set

A piece of her performance that night (coming thru with them live vocals!)

Melanie was laid to rest in her birthplace of South Carolina. She was married with no children.

In November 2002, a greatest hits compilation was released that featured all the hits of La Bouche and of Melanie solo singles. It also had a new/previously unreleased track “In Your Life” with former bandmate, Lane McCray.
Like most posthumous releases, this song hits the feels a little more knowing she died (kind of in the same way Aaliyahs "I Miss You" does).
The video features Lane, as well as friends and family of Melanie.


ONTD, what are some of your fav 90s europop groups? La Bouche, Capella, and 2 Unlimited for me tbh.

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