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The 2000s called Zoom and reunited the Roswell cast (James Van Der Beek also came along)

On Sunday, Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino of Roswell (the original) hosted an almost five hour long live event on Facebook to wind down the finale of their Indiegogo projec. Their crowdfunding project has reached its goal and gone way beyond by reaching $170 992 USD which will go to making a pilot for "Baron and Toluca", their spiritual successor to Roswell.

Their live included multiple surprise guests from Roswell; Jason Behr (Max Evans), Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker), Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti) and Sara Downing (Courtney Banks). James Van Der Beek also stopped by, as well as Majandra's husband David Walton.

- A Zoom talk with James Van Der Beek and Nick Wechsler (time stamp: 01:20-40:00) where they discussed hilarious and painful experiences from their own and other's movie premieres. James in particular remebers attending a screening for a movie he did with Ashton Kutcher, Usher and Dylan McDermott. In James' own words "The worst cowboy movie ever made" (Dylan didn't think it was that bad).

- A Zoom talk with Shiri Appelby (time stamp: 1:28:40-1:53:27). They talked about Shiri's carreer as a director, she just did a few episodes of Mixed-ish and what it was like directing Roswell, New Mexico and memories from filming their show.

- They rewatched A Roswell Christmas Carol (the 10th episode in the second season). Per usual they don't remember a thing. They have nothing but love for Katie (Heigl) and wished she got to do more comedic stuff on Roswell (like she did in this episode). Majandra's husband David sat down for the ending scene and mostly made fun of Brendan (time stamp: 2:07:00-2:15:00).

- A Zoom talk with Jason Behr (time stamp: 2:21:45-2:46:23). They discussed some stuff that happened BTS, like when Brendan kneeled by Alex's coffin in the episode Cry your name. Jason was amazed and thought Brendan was really having a moment and taking the scene very seriously...until he realized that Brendan was using the reflection of the coffin as mirror to fix his hair. Jason favorite episode for Brendan is Independence day and Monsters for Majandra.

- A Zoom talk with Sara Downing who played Courtney Banks in season 2 (time stamp: 3:42:05-4:15:52). They talked about Sara's experiences being on the show and how they want her to have a role in Baron and Toluca. They were really fun to watch, Majandra got super excited when Sara came on the Zoom.

- Brendan spent most the live struggling with technology and feeling ignored by their guests as they mostly talked to Majandra lol.
- Majandra drank water from an insanely big water bottle.

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