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Marina Talks "Man's World" Origins & Working With All-Women Team, Launches MARINAZINE

[Interview (and summary!) with Vogue, talking about all-women team, inspiration behind new record, involvement in the video production]

Following up on a 2019 tweet about looking for female producers, writers, and artists to collaborate with, Marina talked to Vogue to expand about the writing of "Man's World" and why she wanted to work with an all-female team for the record.

- wrote "Man's World" in August 2019 as "a snapshot of how women and LGBTQ+ individuals have been subjugated and discriminated against throughout history going back to the Salem witch trials, where any person who was deemed abnormal or slightly alternative was singled out"
- initially planned to release the song at Coachella
- chose to work with all-female team as felt it was important for women to tell women's stories and felt a "responsibility;"inspired by Sharon Blackie's book "If Women Rose Rooted"
- didn't get production credit on The Family Jewels because she didn't think to ask for them, and thinks this type of lack of credit is a reason there are so few female producers (currently 2% of producers in popular music and 3% of sound engineers are women)
- "Man's World" is first video that Marina is actually credited with the creative direction and writing the story; visuals were inspired by 1800s painter John William Godward
- says this song is representation of where fifth album is going thematically: "sociopolitical but there’s a real broad message in terms of the themes [she's] writing about"
- fifth album will be very different than 2019's Love + Fear; says she's more confident (not coming off of depression) and life is more balanced, does not have to fight with label

[Marina launches MARINAZINE]

[Bonus! Rina Sawayama is all of us, reacts to Mans World]

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Favourite Marina era, ONTD? Favourite women in music (artists, writers, producers, etc.)? stream Women in Music Pt. III 👀

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