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Candace Cameron Bure talks about getting comfortable with sexuality

From Entertainment Tonight, Candace Cameron Bure is getting real about her sex life as a Christian woman. The Fuller House star discussed how she views sex during a recent appearance on the Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast -- and addressed backlash to a recent handsy photo she shared on Instagram of herself with her husband.

Note - this isn't the photo in question but it can be found here.

The mom of three said becoming comfortable with her sexuality was something that took years.

"I lived in such a fear of 'Oh my gosh, I'm not supposed to be a sexual person, because I have to save myself. God is going to think negatively of me if I'm having sex or doing things or fooling around," she said. "There was such a shame culture on it that when I got married, I was like, I don’t know how to adjust my brain."

"For so many times, especially in the beginning, but for a few years, I would have sex with my husband thinking like, ‘Oh my gosh, is God looking at me and like is this bad?'" she added. "It’s very difficult to flip that switch. And it has taken years to work through it and then understand it and enjoy it and then embrace it. Now I embrace it so much that my kids are like, 'Mom, please stop talking about sex. Please stop.'"


ONTD readers, how long did it take you to get comfortable with the idea of sex?
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