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Weekend Box Office takes a tumble

The weekend box office took a tumble as corona rages across the country. The overall gross for all films reported at the moment is only $6.2 million, down almost $5 million from last weekend and the lowest total gross since theaters opened back up in mid-August.

Freaky took the top spot again, with $1.22 million, a 66% drop from last weekend. The film also lost 415 theaters. It was the only film to gross over a million as The War with Grandpa ($733k), Let Him Go ($710k) and Come Play ($550k) saw just as big of a loss.

The newest wide release, Jackie Chan's Vanguard, only managed $400k. Tenet took $360k. Ammonite, which had a very small release to begin with, lost 100 theaters and fell 74% to $23,000.

With Thanksgiving coming, newer films this week will be coming before the weekend. The only theater-bound release will be Universal's The Croods: A New Age (before its VOD premiere in a few weeks). Netflix releases the critically-trashed Hillbilly Elegy (Tuesday) and The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Wednesday), while Hulu drops The Happiest Season (Wed) and HBO Max drops Superintelligence (Thurs).


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