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ONTD Original: 8 topics the 'ANIMANIACS' reboot was not afraid to tackle (unlike your faves).

8. Gender balance, pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse.

Animaniacs has changed it's intro to mention that they're more gender balanced, pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse (which you can tell through the season...they even had a black woman as Warner Bros Chairman...foreshadowing Channing Dungey's naming, since Animaniacs was written in 2018).

7. The NSA wire-tapping program.

Pinky and the Brain work with Edward Snowden to get into the NSA's headquarters to steal information from some phone calls.

6. Marching for Equal rights

Dot celebrates women's right to vote but finds out that not everyone has the same rights to this day. Special cameos by the Looney Tunes, the Flintstones, tons of Hanna Barbera characters and... 'Loonatics Unleashed'?

5. Hollywood Reboots

As mentioned in this post. They're aware they're also one, but it's a funny take.

4. Trump

They make a pretty spot on impression of Trump.

3. Illegal hunting

A hunter has killed all the past Animaniacs characters and puts them as trophies.

2. Russian media and Putin

There are a TON of Putin jokes and they even travel to Russia to see how they're creating fake content.

1. It's own Legacy

They referenced their iconic countries of the world song and even tried to parody it.

Source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

ONTD, have you seen the 'Animaniacs' reboot?
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