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Breaking: Kelly Clarkson HATES Mashed Potatoes, We’ve Decided To Unstan

In a video that was best left out of my YouTube recs and life, Kelly Clarkson shared her Thanksgiving Hot Takes.

When asked if she preferred her mashed potatoes chunky or creamy, she replied, “this is so not Texan of me. I hate mashed potatoes. I said it.”

“I hate mashed potatoes, I think it is the weirdest texture in all the lands.”

“I like sweet potatoes, with marshmallows on top. Maybe some honey. I’m not a mashed potato person, it’s so not Texan.”

Cranberry Sauce is Better From a Can
Clarkson agrees.

Light Meat VS Dark Meat
Kelly isn’t a fan of dark meat, or turkey...prefers honey roasted ham anyways.

Kids Need Their Own Table
Kelly says this is true.

Cornbread Is Better Than Biscuits
Kelly can’t decide: it’s a tie.

Marshmallows Belong On Sweet Potatoes
Kelly is a fan of this dish.

Pecan Pie VS Pumpkin Pie
Miss Clarkson prefers Pumpkin Pie.

Leave Room On Your Plate For Salad

Dinner Is Before 5PM?
Is confused by people who have DINNER before 5, is convinced it’s so they can have two meals in one day.

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