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Tenoch Huerta joins Black Panther 2

+ The highly anticipated sequel is set to begin filming July 2021 with Ryan Coogler back in the director's chair.
+ Shuri aka Letitia Wright is expected to play a bigger role. Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke and Angela Bassett are expected to reprise their roles.
+ Narcos: Mexico’s star Tenoch Huerta will play the villain. While reports say he's in talks he seems to have confirmed his involvement via this tweet.

+ Tenoch has been very vocal against the rampant racism and colorism in the film/tv industry in Mexico.

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Tags: #blackpanther, actor / actress, angela bassett, black celebrities, casting / auditions, latino celebrities, lupita nyongo, marvel

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Between this and Yalitza hosting the Latin Grammys whitexicans were fuming yesterday lol
Freaking awesome! 🇲🇽
This is great. The whitexicans are probably fuming.
Lol you know it. Yesterday 'prieto' was trending.
Im really interested to see when they'll break the news of what they'll do as far as either recasting T'Challa or having Shuri take over. With production starting so soon I feel like they'll just recast.


November 21 2020, 19:16:44 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 19:17:12 UTC

I think given how close Ryan and cast are I really doubt they will recast T’Challa, Letitia will probably become BP or someone else.
They may not be as interested but ultimately it's up to Marvel/Disney and how it impacts their overall plans for the MCU.
cool! idk ha but i have loved the named tenoch ever since YTMT. good for him! love that non-white mexican representation!

i know this is would be a really unconventional move but i wish they’d cast michael b jordan as t’challa. i think it would be a lovely tribute to the connection he had with chadwick.
hes still alive right? I would be down with this.
I mean they could just resuscitate MBJ character or whatever and have him be BP. I'd be down for that.
That’s awesome!!! It pleases me to know and see whitexicans seething. 😌🙏🏾
Bathing in the tears of whitexicans

Yasss!!! VIVA MEXICO!!

We need the Mexican equivalent of that bald eagle crying and a flag waving behind!

very excited to see more Mexican actors up on the big screen and I’m excited to see what villain he’s playing!

also I just want Marvel to come out and say that they’re not recasting T’Challa bc I see so many comments with tons of upvotes on the Marvel Studios subreddit about how he must be recast! and idk. I know they recast the Hulk and Rhodey, but this is so different
The whitexicans are fuming
This is the MCU movie I was most excited about and now I cannot bear to watch it. 😢
I know whitexicans gonna white but I’m enjoying seeing more brown/nonwhite Mexicans popping up. Any ideas who he’s gonna play?
Popular guesses include Namor and Kraven but we'll see! Hopefully it's not a throwaway role :')
if it's namor the fanboys are going to explode, they still haven't gotten over momoa as aquaman. make all the atlantean characters out there nonwhite, tbh.
ooh i'd love him for namor
who is saying namor?? i've been waiting so long for namor to make an appearance in the mcu finally. he's not a villain tho so idt that's the case. (but apparently raoul trujillo voiced namor so he's out there as a latino. it's possible.)
I wish him the best, because villains in the mcu.. hmreh.
Which villain, is the question. I imagine it’s someone racebent since Mexican characters in the comics are far and few between (Rictor is the only one I can think of)
Oh, good point.
honestly mood BUT since it’s Coogler writing the script, i have faith. killmonger was such a good character
What villain could he be?
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